Nikki Bella Reveals Truth About Paige

WWE’s former star Paige made a surprise return at AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam after the women’s bout involving Dr. Britt Baker “DMD,” Serena Deeb against Athena and the AEW Interim Women’s Champion Toni Storm. She debuted as Saraya which is her real name. It’s interesting to see another former WWE superstar jump ships. The landscape of the women’s division changed with her entrance. Fans were thrilled in the arena as were those in the Twitterverse. All we missed, was ‘Did you miss me?’



Saraya is an excellent performer and the brainchild behind the women’s revolution in the wrestling division which was referred to as the divas division and women weren’t getting their chances in the ring. Fans were excited that she is back, and here’s what some had to say:

While some were happy to see her return, some others wanted to see a trend in the trending, and this one user even started a hashtag for the same. He tweeted:

It looks like the fans weren’t the only ones who were excited to see her back in the ring. WWE Hall of Famers Bella Twins tweeted in support and said:

Massive chills!! Love you @Saraya

Saraya and Nikki fought ferociously over the WWE Divas Championship from 2014 to 2015. One needs to see if Saraya is going to get into a storyline involving Jamie Hayter, Serena Deeb and Dr. Britt Baker “DMD” as she welcomed the two opponents to them to the ring. Athena and the AEW Interim Women’s Champion Toni Storm were excited to see her return. We already reported about this here.

What do you have to say about Saraya’s return to the ring? Sound off in the comments.


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