Nikki Bella taking another break from wrestling after Evolution?

The Bella Twins returned full time on Raw in September but it appears that at least one of them is already going to take another break from wrestling.



Nikki Bella challenged Ronda Rousey for her Raw Women’s Championship during the Evolution PPV but she was not able to defeat the Baddest Women On The Planet.

She was interviewed backstage after the show and during the interview; Bella said that she is not done with Ronda and also hinted at a possible break by saying that she will be a brand new woman when she comes back:

“Not great. I’m defeated, and I just feel like the Divas Era is officially over. I’m done, but you know what? With Ronda, it’s not over. When I come back here, I’m going to be a brand new woman that every woman in this women’s division will need to fear.”

No word yet on if Brie Bella will continue wrestling or if she will be going away with her sister but we’ll keep you posted if any details regarding their status comes to light.

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