Nikki Bella Talks Relationship with John Cena, New WWE Slam City Game Launches, Jericho

– WWE has launched a new Slam City Launch game for kids at this link. The preview reads like this:



“John Cena is late for work in WWE Slam City! He straps on a jet pack and needs your help to avoid The Finisher and get to the auto shop across town before his boss notices! Can you get Cena to work? Play WWE Slam City Launch today!”

– Chris Jericho noted on Twitter that his Talk Is Jericho podcast with Edge and Paul Heyman now has over 1 million downloads.

– Nikki Bella recently spoke with The Daily Star in the UK to promote Total Divas and talked about her relationship with John Cena:

“I get in straight up protective mode over John. You see a lot of our relationship on the show. John is so romantic and loving. But when you see him in the ring he’s this superhero. He’s so strong and different. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve found my soul mate. He’s so romantic that we’ve even reenacted The Notebook. There’s nothing better than to wake up next to the person you love every morning.”

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