Nikki Bella Threatened To Quit WWE

Freddie Prinze Jr. and The Bella Twins recently reflected on their time working together in WWE. The most recent episode of Freddie Prinze Jr.’s ‘Wrestling with Freddie’ podcast featured The Bella Twins (Nikki & Brie Bella). They recalled about The Bella Twins’ early days in WWE and how Freddie, Michael Hayes, and fellow writer Angelo Fazio had been pitching ideas to bring them to the main roster from developmental. It was during this conversation with Brie Bella revealed her ex-boyfriend’s rant. The Bella Twins were quite confident regarding their place in the company and wanted to make their leap from FCW to main roster.



Freddie Prinze Jr. pitched several ideas about Bella Twins

Their ideas were constantly rejected and it got to a point where Nikki and Brie leveraged themselves against the company. They told management to either bring them to the main roster or they’ll leave. Prinze Jr. revealed how after several ideas being pitched and nixed, Freebird pitched the idea of ‘twin magic’.

Prinze Jr.

 “Right where I wanna start which is when I was working there [WWE] and you two were down in Florida in FCW and Michael Hayes really wanted to get you guys up and our ideas just kept getting shot down, shot down and shot down again no matter — and I’m telling you, me and another writer Angelo [Fazio] must’ve pitched a dozen ideas in a month and no matter what we did, they wouldn’t get over and Freebird goes, ‘We’re gonna do the twin magic.”

Prinze Jr. had agreed with the idea and wanted the sister duo to make their debut on main roster:

That’s how we’re gonna get em on’ and I didn’t even know what that was, okay, so I’m just like, ‘Whatever gets em on’ and then I don’t even know if y’all even know this but the way we were able to bring you up was when you leveraged yourselves against the company and basically gave them a referendum, ‘Bring us up or we walk’ and all the — so many people have tried to give me credit over the years for The Bella Twins and I’m always like, ‘Y’all don’t understand. These women knew their worth and knew their value long, long, long ago’ and I don’t even know if you guys remember that moment, but I was just wondering if you did, if that was a plan or where were your heads at when that happened.

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