Nikki Haley Accused Of Affairs With Two Men

Presidential candidate Nikki Haley falsely refuted cheating on her husband when she was accused of engaging in two extramarital affairs during her gubernatorial campaign via Daily Mail.



New witnesses have come forward as per Daily Mail and noted that Haley’s denials of two alleged 2008 affairs are false and that the supposed trysts were brazen and widely known among South Carolina politicos.

Will Folks and Larry Marchant both signed affidavits in 2010 alleging they had a sexual relationship with the then-South Carolina lawmaker before she went on to become governor.

Even while major media sites at the time detailed the substance of the affidavits, this is the first time they have been made public outside of Folks’ own document, which he posted on his blog.

In 2012, Haley, 51, denied both, claiming she was ‘100% faithful’ to her husband of 28 years, Michael Haley, the father of her two children, who was serving in Afghanistan with the National Guard.

Haley now often credits him as motivating her to run for president.

However, other GOP insiders informed that they were well aware of Haley’s adultery while she was a lawmaker in South Carolina, including stories of sultry encounters in the back of her Cadillac SUV, nights spent “canoodling” in her lovers’ laps at bars, and others.

Haley has not responded to DailyMail’s request for comment as of the time of publication.


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