Nikki Haley Brutally Exposes Trump As Loser

Nikki Haley recently lashed out at former President Donald Trump this week, escalating her attacks on the GOP frontrunner as the two face off in the upcoming New Hampshire primary, where polls show them in a very close race via Mediaite.



“Nikki Haley spoke with reporters yesterday in New Hampshire, four days ahead of that state’s primary. Haley said she was now setting her sights squarely on Trump, calling primary rival Ron DeSantis, quote, ‘invisible,’” began Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski introducing the topic.

“He’s closer to zero than he is to me. I mean, he’s invisible in New Hampshire. He’s invisible in South Carolina. We’re focused on Trump,” Haley says in a clip from Thursday, adding:

That’s the key. We were focused on DeSantis in Iowa. We’re no longer focused on him. It’s Trump in New Hampshire and Trump in South Carolina. Trump says things Americans aren’t stupid to just believe what he says. The reality is, who lost the House for us? Who lost the Senate? Who lost the White House? Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump. Nikki Haley will win every single one of those back for us. I’ve proven that. So he can say whatever he wants.

Joe Scarborough then reacted to the clip, nothing, “Nikki Haley started calling Donald Trump yesterday what he is politically, but what he hates more than anything — a loser.”

“She also yesterday said something that most Republicans in their bubble don’t like to focus on,” continued the former GOP congressman, adding:

That the party has lost the popular vote in presidential elections seven out of eight times the past seven. Think about that. You can go back to 1992. Where were you in 1992? Think about that. And now move forward from 1992 to 2024. The Republican Party has won the popular vote. And all of that time in a generation. Just one time. Clinton won at 92. Clinton won at 96. Gore wanted. In 2000. The Supreme Court, of course, voted for Bush 5 to 4. Bush actually won it in 2004.

That’s the one time an Obama easily won and zero eight Obama easily won in 12. Hillary won it by 3 million votes and 16, and then Biden won by over 7 million votes in 2020. Look at that. Nikki Haley and other Republicans need to focus on the fact that they’re isolationism, they’re all running into a bubble, continues to cost them elections.

And she’s right. Donald Trump lost the House. Donald Trump lost the Senate. Donald Trump lost the White House. The only one term president to do that since Herbert Hoover.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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