Nikki Haley Drops Trump Cognitive Test Bombshell

According to the Wall Street Journal, Nikki Haley, who finished second to Donald Trump in the recent GOP nomination race, has called for Democrats to replace President Biden as their presumptive nominee following his hesitant debate performance. Haley reiterated her stance on cognitive testing for all federal candidates.



However, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the former South Carolina governor cautioned Republicans against assuming that replacing Biden would automatically benefit Trump’s chances.

Haley emphasized that Democrats would likely strategize by selecting a younger, vibrant, and tested candidate to lead their party. She urged Republicans to prepare for future challenges, asserting that the Democratic Party’s survival would be at stake if Biden continues as their candidate.

“Nikki Haley, the runner-up to Donald Trump in this year’s GOP nomination race, said Democrats need to dump President Biden as their presumptive nominee following his halting debate performance as she reiterated her calls for cognitive testing of all federal candidates [including Trump].”

“But the former South Carolina governor, in a Wall Street Journal interview, said Republicans shouldn’t assume replacing Biden would inherently help Trump.”

Said Haley: “They are going to be smart about it: they’re going to bring somebody younger, they’re going to bring somebody vibrant, they’re going to bring somebody tested.”

She added: “This is a time for Republicans to prepare and get ready for what’s to come because there is no way that there will be a surviving Democratic Party if they allow Joe Biden to continue to be the candidate.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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