Nikki Haley Reveals Trump Memory Loss After Assault

Nikki Haley responded to a statement by Donald Trump, expressing confusion about his remarks. She clarified that she was not in a New York City courtroom on the mentioned day, just as she was not in charge of Capitol security on January 6. Haley stated that she was in South Carolina meeting with voters and expressed that there is interest in a debate between her and Trump.


Wait a second, did Trump just say the person suing him is “running for office?” Is he confused again? I was not in a New York City courtroom yesterday, any more than I was in charge of security at the Capitol on January 6. I was in South Carolina meeting with voters. They’d like to see a debate between me and Trump.

Lawyer and prominent anti-Donald Trump figure George Conway responded to the recent ruling that found the former president liable for defaming writer E. Jean Carroll for a second time. During an appearance on CNN, Conway criticized Trump, branding him “a deeply morally bereft human being who has no conscience.” The verdict ordered Trump to pay Carroll $83.3 million in damages and compensation, a decision he condemned as “absolutely ridiculous.”

In a previous case, a jury had concluded that Trump had sexually abused Carroll in a Manhattan department store during the 1990s and later defamed her when she publicly shared the allegation. In that instance, Trump was found liable for $5 million in damages. Conway, who was married to Kellyanne Conway, a senior counselor to Trump during his presidency, played a role in connecting Carroll with attorney Roberta Kaplan, who represented her in the case.

Conway shared the two-page verdict on social media, along with an email he sent to Carroll in July 2019, introducing her to Kaplan. He expressed his intention to have these documents framed together.

During his CNN interview, Conway recounted advising Carroll to take legal action, stating that he had encountered her at a Manhattan cocktail party shortly after writing an article supporting the credibility of her case. Conway mentioned that he immediately encouraged Carroll to sue Trump and later facilitated her connection with Kaplan via email.

Following the recent verdict, Conway did not mince words in his criticism of Trump’s character. He described Trump as someone who “can’t control himself” and characterized him as a “deeply disturbed” individual with no conscience, morality, empathy, or remorse. Conway referred to Trump as a “sick man” and emphasized that many within the political party know about his deficiencies but choose to remain silent or downplay them.

When asked if the verdict would deter Trump from discussing Carroll, Conway expressed skepticism, suggesting it might have a temporary effect. Despite legal challenges, Trump secured victory in the Republican Party’s New Hampshire primary, reinforcing his position as a frontrunner for the 2024 Republican candidacy.

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