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Nixed plans for Brock Lesnar’s return

Before Brock Lesnar made his WWE return after almost 8 years of absence back in 2012, the company originally had plans for him to comeback in 2005.

During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, former WWE writer Court Bauer revealed that in 2005 they were working on a plan for the return of the Beast against the Animal Batista:

“I really liked the Brock and Bautista because of the parallels going back to OVW. It was a classic, traditional Vince McMahon collision course of two massive forces. We were going to have him leave a trail of wreckage until Bautista said, ‘That’s enough. You’re on my turf. I’m going to put down this great white shark’.”

However, according to Court, the talks about his return stopped when the Boss was asked about it and he said that Lesnar should not be considered for any storylines in near future:

“Someone asked Vince point blank is he in fact coming back and we got the answer to not factor Brock Lesnar into our plans for the immediate future. That was Vince’s very firm way of saying we’re not doing business with him at the moment.”

As we know after these plans were nixed, Brock Lesnar didn’t make his comeback until 2012. While he is still one of the top stars of the company, one can only imagine what the current scenario of WWE would have been if he had returned back in 2005.