Nixed plans for a former Champion to join the Wyatt Family

It’s been a while since the Wyatt Family has been seen together on WWE TV, but we can’t deny that the trio had a big impact when they first arrived from NXT.



Former WWE writer Tom Casiello recently appeared on the Agenda podcast and revealed a canceled plan of adding a former Champion to the group.

According to him, there were talks of adding the former Diva’s Champion Kaitlyn to the Wyatt Family after she lost the Diva’s Championship back in June 2013.

While not confirmed, it’s believed that she would have taken the ‘Sister Abigail’ persona which has been teased many times on WWE Programming if these plans would have gone through.

After losing the title, Kaitlyn stayed with WWE for one more year but she didn’t get involved in any significant storyline and was released from the company in July 2014.

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