NJPW’s Taiji Ishimori returning to Impact Wrestling for Slammiversary

Bullet Club’s Bone Soldier, also known as Taiji Ishimori, seems to be making his way back to Impact Wrestling later this summer.



Ishimori had worked with Impact prior to his return to NJPW. Pro Wrestling Noah and GFW had a working relationship back in 2017, bringing the Junior Heavyweight to the promotion for Slammiversary XV. Ishimori would team with Naomichi Marafuji, attempting to capture both the GFW and Impact Tag Titles in a fatal-four-way tag team title match.

Ishimori would then make himself known through the X-Division, capturing the X-Division Championship from Trevor Lee in November 2017, before dropping it to Matt Sydal later that January. After he signed his release from Pro Wrestling Noah in March, it was unknown whether or not he was still working with Impact Wrestling.

Impact, however, has officially announced the return of the former X-Division Champion, congratulating him on his progress in the Best of the Super Juniors tournament.

With Impact’s working relationships growing stronger by the day, could we see the company return to its former glory? Bringing Ishimori back as a good start. Maybe Don Callis can find a way to work out a big deal with NJPW?

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