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No Mercy Gets Career vs. Title Match, Updated PPV Card

No Mercy

The WWE has added a match to next Sunday’s No Mercy pay-per-view (PPV) event, in which The Miz will put up his Intercontinental Title against Dolph Ziggler’s career.

You can check out the full No Mercy PPV card here:

Triple Threat for the WWE World Title
John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles

SmackDown Women’s Title Match
Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch

SmackDown Tag Team Title Match
The Usos vs. Rhyno and Heath Slater

Career vs. Title Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz

  • Kristopher Robinson


  • D2K

    Well, let’s see if Ziggler sticks around first.

  • nick-hulk

    Because Ziggler, Swagger and Shelton are apparantly booked to be joining to form a shooters club upon his return

  • D2K

    A little birdie told me that Ziggler is gonna be done after No Mercy.

  • D2K

    I’m not sure how Shelton Benjamin would fit into that scenario, but Miz forcing Ziggler to retire and the Swagger sounds kinda interesting. Of course, it would work better if somehow the Miz got it into writing that anyone he beats while the IC champion in a title match must retire.

  • Nicholas2778

    It good for the Miz as well the guy needs to be put in the main event seen again. The guy has given the IC title value again. He becoming that awesome catheters again.

  • MrDr3w

    It’s dumb do do it like this though. Way too obvious. I agree with nick; have Miz win, build a storyline around him ending careers, and then have him fight Bryan for Ziggler’s job at Royal Rumble. Swagger doesn’t even need to be in the picture. Ever. God, just no.

  • nick-hulk

    Its bull, bigger story would be if Miz wins and forces Ziggler to ‘retire’, then Swagger steps in and Miz does the same. Build to a huge story of Miz shutting down Smackdown and if DB can be cleared he fights Miz for the reinstatements zig and swag come bk with shelton

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Thank god for that, im Sick of The Miz in general if im honest.

  • Nicholas2778

    I believe yes he wins the IC title.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    So I am gonna assume that Ziggler wins the title.