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Noelle Foley on Having a Crush on a Top WWE Star

In a recent interview on Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, Noelle Foley revealed that she once had a crush on one of the WWE’s top stars as well as detailing how she met her current boyfriend.

On having a crush on Randy Orton:

“We were backstage, probably five years ago, and Randy Orton drops his shirt. And I’m like, ‘dad, Randy [has] just dropped his shirt’ and he calls back. He’s like, ‘Randy, you dropped your shirt’ and Randy’s like, ‘oh, you can have it’, like pointing to me. First thing I do is smell the shirt, because that’s me, and it was fruity! Randy Orton smells fruity.”

On how she met her current boyfriend:

“I just saw him from far away and was pretty much checking him out. Like, I was the creeper in this situation. I don’t know. I just stopped and stared at him. Like, ‘wow, he’s different and weird – I like that! I guess his weirdness attracted me. And so, like, two or three weeks later, I saw him, like, in the front row at RAW, and I tweeted him.”

  • VRA

    I’d hit it.

  • Kyle Hardee

    From the few times I’ve seen her in front of the camera, she’s a strange individual. Just like her dad.

  • Mister Who

    Orton? Yuck!

  • Chris E.

    Ha,ha, that is exactly what I chalked it up to as well.

  • Arnold Jackson

    When you consider who her father is, it all makes sense.

  • CC

    She sounds like a 13 year old