November 5th – ECW’s November 2 Remember

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1990 – Terry Funk defeats Jerry Lawler for the USWA Unified Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, ending Lawler’s seventh reign with the belt.

1994 – ECW held their “November To Remember” card in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the ECW Arena. Here are the results:

– The show opened with a local guitar player doing the national anthem, only to mess up, and then get chokeslammed by 911. Timekeeper Rocky Musciano was then chokeslammed as well.

– JT Smith defeated Hack Myers with a Northern Lights Suplex.

– The Pitbulls defeated The Bad Breed (Ian & Axl Rotten) when Ian was pinned after a superbomb.

– 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Mr. Hughes (subbing for Matt Borne) with a 450 Splash.

– Tommy Dreamer defeated Tommy Cairo in a violent bloody brawl when the referee declared that Cairo was unable to continue.

– ECW Champion Shane Douglas defeated Ron Simmons with a crucifix. Post-match, 2 Cold Scorpio and Simmons beat down Douglas, with Scorpio giving him a moonsault.

– The Sandman, who was “blinded” during a match with Tommy Dreamer, was supposed to have a retirement ceremony next. As part of the build to this moment, Sandman’s manager, Woman, had dumped him (saying he was useless now), and had promised to reveal her new charge at this event. At the same time, Dreamer announced that he was devoting his career to the Sandman, which is why he destroyed Sandman’s enemy, Cairo, earlier in the show. This angle is considered to be one of the greatest in ECW history.

Sandman came to the ring in a suit, with dark glasses and tape over his eyes. ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon helped him into the ring, and got emotional on the microphone, saying Sandman was his best friend. Peaches (Sandman’s former valet/real life wife) came out and told the Sandman that she had “changed” (she had breast implants). Sandman said he didn’t care if she was fat (remember, he’s blind), he wanted to get back together.

Woman then came to the ring, and knocked out Peaches with a cane. She was threatening to hit Sandman when Tommy Dreamer came to the ring to stop her. As Dreamer was stopping Woman, Sandman knocked out Gordon and ripped off his glasses and bandages. Sandman jumped Dreamer and beat him down, whipping him with his belt. Woman then announced that her charge was … The Sandman. Woman and Sandman left together. having tricked everyone, including getting Dreamer to destroy Cairo for them.

– Shane Douglas was interviewed, with a phone in his hand, and announced that he had called in a partner to face Ron Simmons & 2 Cold Scorpio at the next ECW Arena show. He revealed that the partner would be “Stunning” Steve Austin (however, when the show happened, Brian Pillman ended up taking Austin’s place).

– ECW World Television Champion Dean Malenko defeated Tazmaniac (Tazz) after knocking him out with an ether-soaked towel.

– The Public Enemy defeated Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck in a Brawl Games match to win the ECW World Tag Team Title. The rules stipulated that when one wrestler couldn’t answer a 10 count, the other opposing team would be given baseball bats to use. Cactus accidentally DDT’d Mikey, and when he couldn’t respond to the ten count, Public Enemy were given bats. During the match, Rocco Rock went to dive off the top stage onto Mikey Whipwreck, who was on top of two tables, but Sabu interfered, shoving Rock off the stage and through the tables. Cactus then elbowdropped Rock through a table from off the stage. Whipwreck was eventually pinned by Grunge after a top rope shot with the bat. Later that night, Cactus announced that he was bringing in Kevin Sullivan to face The Public Enemy at the next ECW Arena event.

– The main event was scheduled to be Chris Benoit vs. Sabu. However, less than two minutes into the match, Sabu took a high backdrop from Benoit and came right down on his head, breaking his neck. The match was stopped, and Sabu had to be helped to the back. 2 Cold Scorpio came out and fought Benoit in an impromptu match, ending in a double countout. The footage of Benoit dropping Sabu on his head was replayed numerous times on ECW television, and resulted in Benoit gaining the “Crippler” nickname.

2000 – ECW held their final “November To Remember” PPV card in Villa Park, Illinois at the Odeum. Here are the results:
– Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger defeated Christian York & Joey Matthews when Swinger pinned York after a Problem Solver.
– Kid Kash defeated CW Anderson with a tornado DDT.
– Danny Doring, Roadkill & Spike Dudley defeated EZ Money, Julio Dinero & Chris Hamrick when Spike hit the Acid Drop on Hamrick.
– Nova defeated Chris Chetti in a Loser Leaves ECW match with a Kryptonite Krunch off the top rope.
– Balls Mahoney & Chilly Willy defeated Da Baldies (Tony DeVito & Angel) in a Flaming Tables match.
– ECW Television Champion Rhino defeated New Jack after a gore through a table.
– ECW World Tag Team Champions Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri & Super Crazy. Crazy replaced Mikey Whipwreck, who was injured during the match.
– Steve Corino won a “Double Jeopardy” match to win the ECW World Heavyweight Title. The rules were that two separate matches (Steve Corino vs. The Sandman and champion Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible) would take place in the ring at the same time. You could fight anyone you wanted, but could only score a pinfall on your opponent. The winners of those two matches would then face each other. Corino pinned Sandman with the Old School Expulsion at the same time Credible pinned Lynn with That’s Incredible. Corino then defeated Credible with a superkick to win the title.

2001 – During an edition of Raw at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, Long Island, Test defeats Edge for the WWF Intercontinental Title, ending Edge’s third title reign. On the same show, the Rock defeats Chris Jericho for the WCW
World Heavyweight Title.

2002 – Edge & Rey Mysterio defeat Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit for the WWE (Smackdown) Tag Team Title in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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