nWo Member Dies Before WWE Raw?

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WWE legend Virgil aka Vincent has shot down a rumor that he has died before WWE Raw.



WWE Hall Of Famer Chyna was a legend in the business. She frequently faced off against male WWE Superstars, which was almost unheard of back in the 90s.

Chyna rose to fame during the Attitude Era as she changed how wrestling fans viewed female performers. She would end up beating a lot of male wrestlers during her time in WWE, something that was unheard of back in the day.
However, several roster members initially were not all that keen on letting her hit moves on them. While former Intercontinental Champion Ahmed Johnson wanted to work with Chyna, he did not necessarily want to sell moves for her.The hardcore legend Mick Foley had the following to say on Foley is Pod regarding Chyna.

“No [on if he had an issue selling for a woman]. And I was the first one. And I don’t want to denigrate someone who is not on the crew who made a couple of bad decisions. He ultimately left because he wouldn’t put over Kurrgan; I’m talking about Ahmed Johnson. But Ahmed wasn’t going to sell for her,