NXT On USA for 1/29/2020: Winter Park, FL

WWE NXT On USA Live Results Coverage



WWE’s black-and-gold brand returns at their home-base of Winter Park, Florida this evening for this week’s episode of NXT On USA.

Advertised for tonight: The Broserweights vs. Grizzled Young Veterans for the Dusty Cup & a shot at the Tag titles, What’s next for new NXT North American Champion Keith Lee, Adam Cole’s challenger for February 16th’s TakeOver: Portland special revealed, Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai set to battle for the first time tonight, and more!

Featured below are results of the show.

Finn Balor vs. Trent Seven 

Finn Balor makes his way onto the stage, looking out into the crowd as he makes his way down the aisle in his leather jacket and ring attire, climbing to the apron of the ring as he leans against the ropes to pose before entering the ring. As he climbs between the ropes and enters the ring, he jumps to the second turnbuckle and points into the audience. Trent Seven’s music sounds next as he comes to the stage, stopping to correct his moustache before making his way down the aisle towards the ring where Balor is awaiting him for tonight’s match up. (A video is shown from last night where Trent is attacked outside of his vehicle) Back in the arena, Seven lays on the apron of the ring outside of the ropes, Balor takes the opportunity to Dropkick Slide Seven off the apron and into the barricade on the outside of the ring. Both men make their way back into the ring, the referee signals for the bell to ring, officially beginning tonight’s match up. Balor wastes no time as he goes to work on Seven inside the ring.

Balor with a Chinlock on Seven, Seven attempts a counter and gets out of Balor’s grip. Seven falls to the mat, Double Stomp to the chest/midsection of Seven. Back up, Seven hits the mat once again and a two count by Finn Balor. Seven still unable to get to his feet, Balor dominating the match. Slingblade by Balor returning the match to his advantage. Out of nowhere Seven grabs Balor and in a quick roll-up gets the two count pin attemp on Balor. Back to his feet, Balor continues to target the face/neck of Seven. We go to commercial.

We come back from commercial to see Trent Seven deliver a DDT. Balor on the defense as Seven runs into the sole of Balor’s boot. Suplex on Balor followed by a Backfist and Seven goes for the three count, only gets two. This time Seven kicks Balor off the apron to the floor. Balor gets back to his feet, Seven flies through the ropes into Balor, slamming Balor into the barricade on the outside of the ring.

Balor makes his way back into the ring. Dropkick by Balor sends Seven crashing. Balor lands the Coup De Gras onto Seven from the top rope. DDT for the pin and win by Balor.

Winner: Finn Balor

After the Match

Finn Balor looks into the camera and yells, “Gargano I’m coming for you, and I don’t miss. I don’t miss.” as he walks away from the direct camera view and climbs the turnbuckle, throwing his hands up toward the crowd in victory.

Backstage Interview

Matt Riddle says, “Well Kathy, Pete’s a bro from another Mo” Riddle finish his sweet talk for Dunn by adding, “and tonight we will make history.” Pete Dunn adds that he will snap James Drake and Zack Gibson’s fingers tonight if he has to. Riddle lightens the mood saying if they are victorious, fans will get to see why Dunn is the “life of the party.”

Video Promo

A Video from Worlds Collide is shown leading up to the Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai bout set for later tonight.

We go to commercial.

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Shotzi Blackheart makes her way down the aisle and before entering the ring, let’s out a loud shriek. Blackheart enters the ring and shouts once more, hyping herself up for tonight’s match up. Out next is Deonna Purrazzo as she makes her way down the aisle and enters the ring, removing her long robe. The bell rings and the match begins.

Shotzi grabs Deonna for an early lock up. Donna secures the left arm of Shotzi and drops her to the mat in a submission move. Deonna has complete control early on in this match up. The crowd begins chanting, “Shotzi! Shotzi! Shotzi!” Running Bulldog by Blackheart. Back and forth fighting between the two. Shotzi goes to the top with a Senton Splash for the pin and the three count victory.

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart

We go to commercial.

In-Ring Promo

Limitless NXT North American Champion Keith Lee makes his way down the aisle and enters the ring. Lee begins to speak and is interrupted by the crowd chanting, “All bask in his glory! All bask in his glory!” Lee introduces himself as the NXT North American Champion as the crowd chants, “You Deserve It! You Deserve It!” Lee says he is a prophecy ender as he Damian Priest’s music sounds as he make his way into the ring with Keith Lee. The crowd booing and shouting slurs at Priest.

Priest begins, “Keith, I don’t know if you know this about me, but I really like taking things. Things that are meaningful to me, like women, or a priceless possession. Either way, I get what I want, and right now I want that right there. All I want to know, is how are you going to give that to me?” Dominik Dijakovic says he and Keith have been through their fair share over the last several months. Dominik adds that the championship, if anyone does, Keith deserves it.

Dijakovic continues to say if anyone is going to challenge Lee for the title, “it’s not gonna be bootleg Marilyn Manson, it’s gonna be me.” Priest does not take kindly to that comment. Lee says the two have something to work out obviously, and he exits the ring. Dominik and Damian continue to argue in the ring.

Dominick Dijakovic vs. Damian Priest

William Regal makes the match official and the bell rings beginning the match up. Dominik and Damian are chest to chest still talking trash to one another, finally a shove and both men lock up. A Back Breaker by Dominik for the break-up. Dominik ends up on the outside of the ring. Priest slams Dominik with a Crucifix Bomb on the outside of the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial and Priest is showing off his martial arts abilities as he dominates the match. Next, a Flat Line by Priest, Dominik kicks out at two. A side Moonsault by Dominik onto Priest on the outside of the ring. The crowd begins to chant, “NXT! NXT” Dominik makes his way to the apron to climb back into the ring, Chokeslam by Priest. Both Superstars go for the same kick, mutual destruction as both men connect and fall to the floor at the same time.

Dominik makes his way to the top turnbuckle, Priest on his back. Priest with Elbows to the jaw of Dominik. Dominik is thrown from the top of the post and Priest gose for the pin, once again Dominik kicks out. Dominik lands a Poison Rana on Priest for the three count pin.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic

The Grizzled Young Veterans are seen backstage. Both NXT tag-team partners can be seen backstage getting their boots laced up, preparing for tonights match-up as a video package is shown screen in screen. Push ups with a high five between each as we go backstage.


Speaking to Ciampa, she says that William Regal said the opponent for Adam Cole at Takover: Portland will be announced. Ciampa responds, “Tonight, title coming home. Daddy make sure of it” as Ciampa is looking at a bat, walking out of view. We go to commercial.


As we come back from commercial, two bodies are seen laid out on the floor in the hallway (members of UE) as Ciampa throws the bat down and makes his way toward the ring. Ciampa pushes the table he was carrying inside the ring as the crowd chants, “Psycho Killer! Psycho Killer!” Ciampa spray paints a yellow “X” on the table. “Who the HELL do you think you are? You think because you got injured and you didn’t get pity, you can jump the Undisputed Era? “I’m the guy that never lost that title. I am Goldie’s daddy!.”

Ciampa goes on, “I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna happen tonight. You are gonna walk your ass down that ramp, and up these stairs to enter this ring. Then I am going to kick your ass and get my title back. Then I am going to bomb you through this table. Then I am going to fight for the title in Portland. Then Goldie comes home.”

William Regal comes to the stage where Adam Cole is standing and says Adam Cole had already signed the contract. Cole says, “Whether you like it or not, I am the NXT Champion. I am going to do things my way. I am going to walk up these stairs, I am going to get into this ring, and I…” Cole attacks Ciampa, then enters the ring. Ciampa with a boot to the face, then Powerbombs Cole through the table. The crowd cheering and clapping. Ciampa takes his shirt offf and throws it. Ciampa jumps out of the ring, grabbing the contract.

The crowd chants, “Use the blood! Use the blood!” to which Ciampa wipes his bleeding head and rubs it across the contract. The crowd begins to chant, “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!” Ciampa kneels at the head of Cole holding the NXT belt “Goldie” as blood pours down his face and we head to commercial.

Cruiserweight Champion Devlin LIVE next week on NXT

Tegan Nox vs. Dakota Kai

Tegan Nox’s music sounds in the arena as she makes her way down the aisle toward the ring. Her usual signature smile nowhere to be seen as she enters the ring. Nox forced to relive the events that lead to the destruction of their friendship as a video is played. Nox looks on in anger. Dakota Kai comes running down the aisle pointing at the screen. Kai and Nox waste no time as they begin to brawl.

Tegan and Dakota take the fight to the outside of the ring. Nox makes her way into the ring to break the count by the referee. Dakota goes around the ring, grabbing a chair, attempting to smash Tegan in the back with th chair. Tegan counters and Dakota drops the chair. Both women make their way back into the ring.

Candace grabs the chair coming to the aid of Tegan, not allowing Dakota to hit Tegan in the head with it. Tegan hits Dakota with the brace and the referee turns around in time to hit the three count.

Winner: Tegan Nox

Video Promo

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic match ups highlighted. Winners of the Dusty Classic will be announced tonight, as we go to commercial.

Chelsea Green vs. Kayden Carter

Chelsea Green (with Robert Stone) makes her way down the aisle towards the ring. Green enters the ring. Kayden Carter’s music sounds next as she makes her way towards the ring where an awaiting Green is told to stay in her corner by the referee as Carter enters the ring and climbs the turnbuckle to look out into the crowd. The bell ring and the match begins.

Green with multiple kicks and a Dropkick off the ropes. Carter throws Green into the corner, Green counters with a boot to the face of Carter. Green digging her knee into the back of Carter, finally kicking her face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Green grabs Carter by her hair and throws her to the mat, getting a Headlock locked in. Green holds Carter’s arms behind her back,

Carter with the reversal and the roll up for the pin attempt. Superkick by Carter on Green. Carter gaining the upperhand in the match up momentarily. Short lived as Green lands a Big Boot to the face of Carter. Green gets grabbed and rolled up as she taunts the audience and gloats too long. Carter gets the pin and win.

Winner: Kayden Carter

Broserweights vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

We come back from commercial and the camera pans the audience, then the main stage where the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Championship Trophy sits. The music sounds for Peter Dunn first as he comes out, standing on the main stage, Dunn looks back at the trophy. Dunn waits as Matt Riddle’s music sounds and Riddle steps out onto the stage next to Dunn. Riddle looks at the trophy as well, pointing at it and then pointing at Dunn.

Both men make their way down the aisle and enter the ring. Playfully moving around the ring, the Broserweights pose in the center of the ring. The Grizzled Young Veterans come out together, stopping to look at the Tag-Team Championship trophy. James Drake and Zack Gibson high five and head toward the ring where Dunn and Riddle are waiting to begin the final match of Dusty Rhodes Classic. Both teams are officially announced, the bell rings and the match begins.

Dunn and Drake start off the match up. Matt Riddle tags in and both with a Stomp in Stereo by both men. Sunset Flip followed by an Ankle Lock attempt on Drake by Riddle. Back and forth fighting between the two. Riddle with a Suplex. Dunn tags in and Drake tags in. Flying Forearm send Dunn to the outside. Back in the ring, Dunn’s arm seems to be hurt. Dunn throws Drake into the ring post as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial and Gibson is in the ring, Dunn is tagged in. Riddle enters the ring and hits a Suplex. Broton across the midsection of Dunn. German Suplex with the Bridge, Gibson able to break up the pin before the count. Drake kicks out after creative tag-team offense by Dunn and Riddle. Riddle delivers a couple knees.


Gibson goes for the pin on Riddle, Riddle kicks out at two. Suplex by Gibson. Gibson tries to take Riddle up top, Riddle reverses the move. Gibson tags in Drake. Broserweights attacking Gibson and Drake together. Riddle goes for the cover, Drake kicks out. The crowd begins to clap in unison. Riddle struggles back to his feet, hitting the ribcage of Drake. Wreckless kick from Riddle.

Broton by Riddle onto Drake. DDT by Drake. Both Drake and Riddle struggling to their corners to make the tag as both men are spent. Gibson and Dunn enter the ring and immediately run at each other, meeting in the center of Hammering one another with blows a “hockey fight in the center of the ring” as the announce. More back and forth action between Gibson and Drake as we go to commercial.

We come back from commercial, Victory Roll by Dunn, and the two count. Gibson chops down both opponents. Combonation offense as Riddle takes out Dunn on the outside of the ring. Drake has Riddle. Riddle takes out Gibson with Drake on his back! All four superstars are rocking and writhing in pain laying on the mat. Drake is Powerbombed on top of his partner. Spliting of the Digits and Riddle gets the upperhand. Dunn kicked in the face.

Dunn is knocked out on the outside as Riddle attempts to take over. Superman Forearm, Drake with a Dropkick. Riddle gets pinned, kicks out at two. Combonation Offense, Gibson and Drake dropped to the mat together. Moonsault, Floating Bro. Dunn covers, gets the three count! Broserweights will head to Portland: Takeover to challenge Undisputed Era for the Tag-Team Titles!!

Winner: Broserweights

After the Match

Matt and Pete stand in the center of the ring with the Dusty Rhodes Championship trophy as sparklers go off around the table, showcasing the trophy as the show ends.

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