NXT On USA Results For 1/22/2020

WWE’s black-and-gold brand returns with this week’s episode of NXT On USA tonight with the Worlds Collide: NXT vs. NXT UK “go-home” show for this weekend’s WWE Royal Rumble Weekend live special on the WWE Network.



Featured below are results of the show.


A video package from NXT Last Week showing all the highlights from the show, with a taste of what’s to come at Worlds Collide.

The Winter Park, FL Arena comes into view as the crowd chants, “NXT, NXT, NXT!” starting tonight’s show.

Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic
Undisputed Era vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans

Out first to start off tonight’s NXT on USA is Undisputed Era as their music sounds in the arena and they make their way down the ramp and enter the ring, stopping to pose as “I know that Imperium is here, we’re not afraid to fight” Adam Cole says as he walks up to the Broadcaster’s Table. Zack Gibson and James Drake of The Grizzled Young Veterans tag-team make their way to the ring next as their music sounds over the speakers. “Undisputed! Undisputed” is chanted as the bell rings and the match begins. Gibson and Kyle O’Reilly start off the bout displaying fast movements and quick hits back and forth. Gibson tags in Drake. Snap Suplex on Drake, followed by a Back Drop by Fish for the 2 count.

We go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial we see Bobby Fish tag in and clean house in the center of the ring, Fish on fire. Gibson counters with a Step Up before diving onto Fish. Fish attempts a submission move, Drake tags himself in for the save. Drake attempts a high flying move, nobody home. Drake with a Corner Dropkick. Helter Skelter as there’s a cover by Drake, once again a kick out. Roderick and Adam looking nervous on the outside. Gibson is tagged in once again. Low bridge and out goes Drake, O’Reilly launches off the apron with a Knee Strike, O’Reilly tags in.

Bobby Fish comes off the ropes as all four men are momentarily in the ring. O’Reilly for the save. Superkick by Drake, followed by a Forearm by Fish. Fish and Drake exchange a fury of forearms as the crowd chants “Oh!” with each connection. The crowd cheers as the Grizzled Young Veteran is down. Before Undisputed Era could hit a move together, Imperium’s music sounds in the arena, distracting O’Reilly and Fish. Drake and Gibson take advantage of the distraction and assist by Imperium and get the pinfall three count.

Winner: Grizzled Young Veterans 

Video Package

Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm storyline is shown leading up to Worlds Collide.

We go to commercial.

Toni Storm vs. Io Shirai

(As we come back from commercial, A Shotzi Blackheart video promo is shown. Shotzi says, “If you think I made a statement eliminating Shayna Baizler, wait til tonight when I beat her.”)

The cameras resume inside the arena where we see Toni Storm make her way to the top of the ramp wearing a leather jacket and a backwards hat as she struts down the ramp and enters the ring. Io Shirai music sounds as the strobe lights begin and the arena is blacked out, Shirai standing at the top of the ramp with her head tilted back, makes her way to the ring to join Storm. Io removes her jacket and throws it ringside as the bell rings and the match begins. An early lock up between the two women in the center of the ring. Io drops Toni to the mat, grabbing her ankle and twisting. Toni counters, pulling Io to the mat and attempting a headlock.

Toni reaches her hand out to help Io to her feet, Io reaches for her hand and Toni pulls it back. Io blocks a kick by Toni. Io takes over the match momentarily with a Basement Dropkick by Toni to regain control. Toni gets a two count pin attempt on Io, to no avail. Io throws chops to the chest of Toni. Io lights up Toni with a big hit, followed by multiple boots to the midsection of Toni. Io digs her knee into the back of Toni in the center of the ring as she pulls back on the neck of Toni. The crowd begins clapping and stomping faster and faster, a reversal by Toni. Io tackles Toni to the mat. Several strikes exchanged between the two women in the center of the ring.

Toni hits Io with European Uppercuts to try and gain the upper hand in this match up. Io gets Toni on the bottom rope, hitting a Drive By Dropkick. Io holding Toni who is on one knee, levels Toni with a big forearm as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, Io has Toni in the corner of the ring, a Double Knee Stomp onto Toni. German Suplex by Toni followed by a Shoulder Shove by Toni for a two count pin attempt. Storm looking for the Storm Zero, Io with a few rights for the counter. A Back Press by Toni, Io still kicks out! Io gets a quick roll up on Toni for a pin attempt. Tiger Feet blocked by Toni, Io gets Drop Kicked out of the ring by Toni. Toni looking to take it to the sky… Bianca goes after Toni and begins attacking in the center of the ring. Bianca begins dancing and twirling her hair standing over Toni, Rhea Ripley’s music sounds in the arena, changing the expression on Bianca’s face.

The crowd begins chanting, “Rhea, Rhea, Rhea!” Rhea is exploding on Bianca in the center of the ring. Springboard Dropkick by Io on Rhea. Rhea exits the ring as does Bianca. Io with a Moonsault onto both women. Without a moment to celebrate, Storm flying through the ropes onto Io. Storm enters the ring once again, holding the championship belt above her head as she smiles. Rhea, Bianca, and Io struggling to their feet on the outside of the ring.

We go to commercial.

Finn Balor vs. Joaquin Wilde

As we come back from commercial, Finn Balor makes his way down the ramp and struts towards the ring with a spotlight on him as he stops before climbing the stairs and striking a pose on the apron against the ropes, then enters the ring in his leather jacket and with confidence, climbs to the second turnbuckle and points directly into the camera. Next the music sounds for Joaquin Wilde who comes out in a unique ring attire as he quickly enters the ring and removes his helmet, shouting to the crowd, hyping them up. The lights return to normal as the bell rings and the match begins.

Early lock up, Balor with a forearm to the back of Wilde. Balor with multiple stomps to the midsection of Wilde. Balor gets Wilde into the corner where he delivers a Massive Chop to the chest of Wilde. Wilde finally gets his foot up for the counter. Wilde makes a run for it, Balor hits a Drop Kick on Wilde, followed by a second Drop Kick. Coup de Grace from the top rope, Double Stomping the midsection of Wilde. Balor can be heard saying, “You come at Finn, you better not miss!” as he pins for the three count.

Winner: Finn Balor


Shayna Baszler being interviewed backstage says she will become “Shayna Three Time”, and that starts with Shotzi as we go to commercial.

As we come back from commercial, a video promo is shown for DIY.

Shayna Baszler vs. Shotzi Blackheart

Out first is Shayna Baszler as she makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring as her music sounds in the arena. Out next is Shotzi Blackheart at she comes running down the ramp wearing her Harley helmet, letting out a loud yell as she poses in the center of the ring, Baszler looking on from behind her. Blackheart removes her gear as both women move to their corners. The referee signals for the bell, the match begins.

Baszler on top of Blackheart, pats her on the head as she steps away. Once again, Baszler pats the head of Blackheart. Back and forth blows between the two women early on in this match up. Baszler twisting the wrist of Blackheart, Blackheart holding onto the rope for the break. Low bridge as Blackheart drops Baszler to the outside of the ring. Blackheart with a Springboard and a roll through. Baszler throws Blackheart from the ring.

Blackheart unloads with right hands on Baszler. Blackheart jumps onto Baszler in the corner of the ring, Blackheart with a DDT. Clothesline by Blackheart, Baszler attempts the same, Blackheart seemingly moves awkwardly, Blackheart’s nose looks possibly broken. Inverted Cannonball to the back of Baszler. Blackheart back to her feet, Baszler with a big kick to the side of Blackheart’s face. Both women on the outside of the ropes on the apron.

Baszler slammed neck first on the apron by Blackheart, who also lands awkwardly on the outside of the ring. Blackheart to the top rope attempting a Santon, Baszler takes the back of Blackheart, holding on tight. Blackheart finally taps, Baszler refuses to let go even after the tap. The bell continues to ring multiple times. Blackheart laying inside the ring, looking to be unconcious.

Winner: Shayna Baszler (by Submission)

Tegan Nox vs Dakota Kai announced for next week’s NXT.

Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle vs. Imperium

Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner of Imperium (w/ Big Daddy Walter and Alexander Wolfe) make their way into the ring as their music plays through the speakers. Pete Dunne and Matt Riddle of The Broserweights make their way to the ring. The match is officially announced as the Semi-Final Match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic. Dunne and Aichner begin the match as the first two legal men in. Aichner tags in Barthel momentarily, Aichner gets a Double Leg Drop combo for the two count. Riddle hits a Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex. Moonsault by Dunn on Barthel. Both men on the outside of the ring. Barthel with a big hit to the face of Dunn. We go to commercial.

As we return from commercial, Riddle shows off his speed and quickness as he goes back and forth between Aichner and Barthel. Riddle’s shoulder hits the post hard. Aichner and Barthel depositing kicks to the side of the head of Riddle. DDT on Dunne. Riddle blasts Barthel with a knee for the save. Riddle thrown over the top rope. Aichner now tagging in. Dunne hits a reversal into a Body Triangle turning into an Ankle Lock. Rip Cord Knee Strike. European Uppercut. Lots of fast paced action between these four men in the middle of the ring, making it hard to keep up with who is legal in the match.

Finally Riddle and Aichner exchange blows in the center of the ring. “This is awesome! This is awesome!” is heard from the crowd as they chant over and over. Aichner with a Brain Buster. German Suplex and Power Bomb by Riddle. Finally, after another fast paced sequence by the Broserweights as they get a Double Knee to the jaw for the pin for the win!

Winner: The Broserweights (Matt Riddle and Pete Dunn)

After the Match

As we come back from replays, The Broserweights are standing at the ramp near the trophy they are so close to winning. Zack Gibson and James Drake come up to Matt Riddle and Pete Dunn and begin talking smack to them, in a difficult to decipher accent. The Broserweights respond, “Bruh… I don’t even know what you said. Something about manipulating a joint, then I started daydreaming.” The crowd begins chanting, “Broserweight! Broserweight!” A back and forth of trash talk. Dunn and Riddle head to the back as their music sounds.

Keith Lee is shown warming up backstage for the main event fight, coming up after the commercial break!!

Keith Lee vs. Roderick Strong (accompanied by Undisputed Era)

Out first is Keith Lee as his music sounds in the arena and Lee makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. “All bask in his glory! All bask in his glory!” is chanted from the crowd. Out next is Roderick Strong, accompanied by Undisputed Era. Strong makes his way towards the ring and enters as Undisputed Era move to his corner. The match is officially announced as the bell rings and the match begins. Lee and Strong begin circling one another as we go to commercial.

Cross Body Block by the Limitless One as we come back from commercial. Lee and Strong are on the outside of the ring. Wrecking Ball Drop Kick by Strong after attacking the injured ankle of Lee. Strong places Lee’s ankle on the stairs leading up to the ring and stomps on it, Lee rolling in pain on the floor outside of the ring. Strong looking to shatter Lee’s ankle. Back in the ring, Strong once again focuses on the injured ankle of Lee. Lee finally launches Strong off of him. Lee attempts to get to his feet, Lee unable to stand.

Strong once again grabbing Lee, attempts to lift him to his feet, once again Lee is unable to Bonzi Drop onto Lee’s injured left ankle. Lee writhing in pain. Lee uses his good leg to throw Strong to the outside of the ring. “All bask in his glory! All bask in his glory!” the crowd begins to chant once again trying to build the momentum for Lee. Strong with Drive By forearms. Lee attempts to catch Strong with a Clothesline, dropping Lee on his neck. Lee is laying face down on the mat as “He’s out! He’s out!” is shouted as we go to commercial.

Power Slam and a two count by Lee as we come back from commercial. Undisputed Era can be heard encouraging Strong from the outside of the ring. A one handed slam to the mat by Lee as if Strong were a football. Lee making his way back into the ring, Bobby Fish sweeps the foot of Lee on the outside of the ropes on the apron, dropping Lee to the mat. DDT by Strong and a pin attempt. Lee and Strong exchange blows inside the ring, Lee with a Headbutt, both men drop to the mat.

Lee struggles back to his feet with the assistance of the ropes. Strong still laying on the mat. Lee climbs carefully to the top rope, Strong jumps up and stops Lee, climbing up behind Lee. Strong wraps his arms around Lee, a Back Elbow by Lee sends Strong back inside the ring. Strong back up behind Lee, Olympic Slam by Strong. Strong with a pin attempt, Lee sits up holding Strong in his arms as the crowd chants, “All bask in his glory!!” Lee wipes out the Undisputed Era as he drives Strong over the top rope on top of the Undisputed Era. Lee attempts a pin, Strong kicks out at two.

Lee once again begins to climb the ropes, a Backflip Frog Splash and nobody’s home. Strong has a Leg Lock locked in as Lee begins to inch closer and closer to the rope to break the hold. Lee grabs the rope and Strong is forced to let go, not letting go until the count of four by the referee. Lee once again struggles to his feet as he drags himself up the ropes. Left hand counter by Lee. Lee clocking O’Reilly and Fish, Single Leg Dropkick on Lee and pin attempt, Lee kicks out. Big Bang Catastrophe by Lee for the three count!

Winner: New NXT North American Champion Champion Keith Lee

After the Match

Keith Lee celebrates with the title inside the ring. Lee’s music begins to play over the speakers as we go to the video recaps. We come back to the arena where Lee is holding his championship belt in the air. The Undisputed Era look on. NXT UK Champ WALTER stands on the apron shoulder to shoulder with Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner, and Marcel Barthel and The Undisputed Era stand shoulder to shoulder on the apron on the opposite side of the ring. Both groups enter the ring and an all out brawl ensues. Security and referees rush in the break it up as the crowd chants, “Holy Shit!” Worlds Collide is announced one last time as the show closes.

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