NXT Star confirmed to be joining 205 Live

We noted before how there were talks of NXT Star Hideo Itami making his main roster debut soon and the belief was that he will be joining the 205 Live roster upon his arrival.



Now WWE has confirmed these rumors. During tonight’s episode of 205 Live, it was announced through a video package that the NXT Star will indeed be joining the roster of the Cruiserweight Exclusive Show.

Though the exact date of his arrival wasn’t revealed in the package so it’s hard to say when or where Hideo will actually make his main roster debut.

No word yet on what the company has in store for Hideo upon his debut so it’s hard to say if he will go on to become a title contender or end up being just another participant on the show.

As we noted before reports suggest that Neville has also had positive talks with the company and he is expected to make his return to WWE programming before the year ends.

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