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NXT Star introduces new ‘dark’ persona

Former Impact Wrestling Star Mahabali Shera made some headlines earlier this year when he reported to the WWE performance center in preparation of a WWE career.

The former Impact Wrestling Star made his WWE in-ring debut in March. He has been wrestling at NXT Live Events since then and it appears that he has been given a new gimmick.

WWE shared the following photo from NXT’s Instagram handle with the caption ‘@mahabalishera rises from the darkness in #NXTLakeland to compete tonight!’ which is likely an indication that he has been given a new, darker gimmick:

@mahabalishera rises from the darkness in #NXTLakeland to compete tonight!

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Shera worked on Impact’s Indian project dubbed Ring Ka King in later 2011 and he later became the first Indian wrestler to sign with the company in 2014.

He reportedly left the company formerly known as TNA back in October 2017. Shera then competed in the indie circuit for a while before being signed by WWE in February earlier this year.

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