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NXT superstar gets new gimmick


NXT is WWE’s development brand where superstars hone their skills in order to prepare themselves for the main roster. They are given every opportunity to succeed and that includes changing of their gimmicks.

Punishment Martinez was a heavy-hitter in ROH, but now he is working in NXT. While he has been working in house shows under his Punishment gimmick, he went as Damien Priest while speaking to the Sports Business Journal.

“I’m not a patient person, but I’m a positive impatient,” Priest told SBJ. “I’m not willing to just stand by. I’m going to keep pushing until something sticks.”

We will have to see how WWE uses this new gimmick, as he looks to be a dark brooding character now. Perhaps it’s just a variation of the Punishment persona, except it has a WWE trademark. Perhaps this change will help him get over with the NXT crowd.