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Nyla Rose becomes NEW AEW Women’s World Champion

  • Mike the Ike

    Sad to see what a coward you are. Put your name on this. Riho did need to drop the title, but not to Nyla.

  • Anonymous

    Sad to see how dumb some of these comments are. Riho needed to drop that title and Nyla was a great choice. End of story, you guys should stop going full retarded about this.

  • Mike the Ike


  • Rinn13

    People can do or “identify” however they wish. It’s their life. However, I have a huge problem with being labelled a “transphobe” or any other kind of bigot, for knowing that what is scientifically, biologically true, is true. It is physically impossible to be born male, and then become female. Period.

    I don’t hate “trans” people, though I do fully admit that I am also not super cozy with the idea. However, the real problem here, is being publicly shamed and called names as if you’re a massive, hateful bigot, for pointing out that an incredibly sub-par, mediocre MALE wrestler, is actually female. Just because I refuse to agree that a cat is a dog, doesn’t make the cat a dog. Nor will it ever. And being labelled a very vile, and harmful with real life consequences title, simply for refusing to agree with something that is intellectually absurd and scientifically false,

    And the amount of try-hards out there on social media and elsewhere, cheering for this as if it’s some great, progressive triumph, is not just sad, it’s scary. Yes, pro wrestling is fake, and women can be booked to wrestler men and win, etc. But if this gets wholly accepted without the batting of an eyelash by the general populace, how long before we start letting trans dudes compete against women in legit sports? How long before people are cheering men who shatter all female athletic records, because they “identify” as female? The ACLU is literally suing to allow boys to compete as girls at a local high school level. Just saying.

  • Rinn13

    Except that Samoa Joe is an excellent wrestler. Nyla is not. That dude probably couldn’t cut it even against scrawny cruiserweights. He’s actually worse than Nia Jax in the ring.

  • CC

    I am not against gender reassignment, as it is a case of to each their own and whatever makes people happyy but for the same reason I do not like intergender matches, I don’t really think anyone who was a man should be competing against women.
    I know it is wrestling and not a genuine sport, but if you want it to be seen as credible, there should at least be certain areas where realism comes into play.
    Would you put Kevin Owens in a match against Alexa Bliss?

    And on another note, I don’t really think AEW used Riho properly anyway. She always seemed to be a supporting character much like the womens division was in WWE for years.

  • Grant Thomson

    Way to go man. Watching Nyla vs Riho is like watching Samoa Joe beat the hell out of Sasha Banks for 20 minutes

  • Rinn13

    Well, AEW’s “Women’s Division” is now officially a sick joke.

  • Just Saying

    AEW: Setting back women in the name of “progress”

  • Broken_MattHardy

    As a trans woman, this is very exciting