O.J. Simpson ‘Terrifying Surgery’ Revealed

O.J. Simpson’s death has shed light on the medical challenges he faced in his final years, including a close brush with death less than a year before his cancer battle ended his life. Sources confirmed to RadarOnline that the former NFL star had undergone emergency surgery and had a stent placed in his heart to keep his arteries clear. This medical intervention likely saved his life during the ordeal.



Simpson’s family announced his death on April 10, 2024, revealing that he passed away after a brief battle with cancer at the age of 76. His family expressed their wish for privacy and grace during this period of transition.

Last year, Simpson’s declining health was a concern for his loved ones and those close to him. His former manager, Norm Pardo, revealed that Simpson had been in and out of the hospital and was advised by doctors to rest at home because there was little more they could do for him. Despite the success of the surgery, Simpson was reportedly “terrified” of dying before his time and was more focused on the potential of a massive heart attack than cancer.

Toward the end, Simpson’s well-being was grim. He could no longer finish a full round of golf, and his health had been deteriorating to the point that he couldn’t even complete half a round of golf just a few months before his death.

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