Obama Will Reportedly Get Biden Replaced With…

Nate Silver, founder of FiveThirtyEight, noted that President Joe Biden’s average approval rating had reached a new low of 37.4 percent, with concerns about his age being a primary issue among voters. Silver described this concern as understandable, pointing out that Biden looks and acts his age, making it notable that he is seeking a second term that would extend into his mid-80s.



There is increasing speculation about whether Biden will be replaced. Atlantic columnist Mark Leibovich recently referred to Biden as “Ruth Bader Biden,” likening him to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who faced criticism for not retiring during Barack Obama’s presidency, thereby allowing a conservative justice to be appointed during Donald Trump’s term. Additionally, James Carville, the strategist behind Bill Clinton’s presidential campaigns, bluntly stated that Biden should not have run for re-election.

A last-ditch effort by Biden’s supporters to quell criticism from within the Democratic Party may ultimately backfire. According to David Axelrod, a key figure in Obama’s campaign, the Biden team scheduled one of the earliest presidential debates in history for June 27 on CNN to demonstrate Biden’s capability. However, this move is risky; a strong debate performance could rally Democratic support, while a significant misstep could fuel more discussions about replacing him. Former Clinton advisor and polling expert Mark Penn suggested that this debate would be Biden’s last chance to prove his fitness for office.

Recent incidents have exacerbated concerns about Biden’s age and capabilities. A video showing former President Barack Obama guiding the 81-year-old Biden off the stage at a Los Angeles fundraiser went viral, further intensifying the debate about Biden’s suitability for another term.

According to reports, if Biden falters in the debate or if his polling numbers continue to decline, a collective effort from influential Democratic leaders such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer might be required to persuade Biden to step aside. This process, described by one consultant as complex and risky, compares the challenge to turning a doomed container ship that crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, which ended disastrously.

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