Obama’s Brother Swears At Joe Biden For Trump

Former President Barack Obama’s older half-brother, Malik Obama, has once again made headlines with his public support for former President Donald Trump and his visible criticism of President Joe Biden. Malik Obama recently uploaded a photo of himself wearing a hat that boldly read, “F Biden,” along with a message affirming his support for Trump in the 2024 election.



This isn’t the first time Malik Obama has expressed his backing for Trump. In 2016, he garnered attention by announcing his support for Trump’s presidential campaign. Now, in what could potentially shape up to be a rematch between Trump and Biden in 2024, Malik Obama has reaffirmed his allegiance to Trump, signaling his preference for the former president over his brother’s former vice president.

In an interview with Breitbart News, Malik Obama explained his decision to wear the “F Biden” hat, citing his Republican affiliation and his dissatisfaction with the Biden administration. He emphasized that he is not a Democrat and criticized President Biden, referring to him as “Sloppy Joe.” Malik Obama’s choice to sport the provocative hat was partly influenced by Gary Grinberg, the hat’s designer, who aimed to make a bold statement about his discontent with the current administration.

“I wore the hat because Gary had it, and you know, Sloppy Joe, he’s not a fan of mine. I’m not a Democrat. I’m a Republican.”

Malik Obama’s relationship with his brother, Barack Obama, has been marked by complexity and distance. While he stated that he used to visit the White House frequently during his brother’s time in office, he revealed that their relationship has deteriorated. Malik Obama expressed disappointment in his brother’s behavior, suggesting that the former president has changed since assuming a position of power and influence.

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