October 1st – Scott Hall Arrested

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1953 – Lenny Montana defeats Dave Sims in Kansas City, Missouri for the NWA Central States Heavyweight Title.

1957 – Tor Yamata defeats Cyclone Anaya for the NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title in Nashville, Tennessee. The belt had been vacated a month earlier by Mario Galento for not defending the title within 30 days.

1976 – Rick Gibson (brother of Robert Gibson of Rock N’ Roll Express fame) defeats Bulldog Bob Brown in St. Joseph, Missouri for the NWA Central States Heavyweight Title, ending Brown’s eighth reign with the belt.

1985 – In the biggest angle of his short career, Rick McGraw appeared on Piper’s Pit during a WWF television taping in Poughkeepsie, New York, questioning why Roddy Piper never wrestled on television. This set up a match between the two at the next television taping later in October, with Roddy Piper pinning McGraw after a vicious series of neckbreakers, and McGraw was taken out on a stretcher. McGraw then died on November 1st, the same weekend that the Piper match aired in most television markets.

1989 – The AWA holds a tournament for their World Tag Team Championship in Rochester, Minnesota. The belts had been vacated when Ken Patera (who held the belts with Brad Rheingans) was injured by the Destruction Crew. The tournament saw Greg Gagne & Paul Diamond defeat Mike George & Johnnie Stewart and The Destruction Crew (Mike Enos & Wayne Bloom) defeat Sgt. Slaughter & Baron Von Raschke in the first round. The finals saw The Destruction Crew defeat Greg Gagne & Paul Diamond for the belts.

1992 – Kerry (Adkisson) Von Erich is sentenced on six felony counts of prescription forgery. He receives a 10 year suspended sentence, 10 years of supervised probation, and a $6,000 fine. Four months later, he would violate the probation and get indicted on a cocaine possession charge. Facing certain jail time, he would commit suicide.

1993 – Eastern Championship Wrestling held “NWA Bloodfest: Part 1” at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here are the results:
– Ian & Axl Rotten defeated Chad Austin and Todd Shaw.
– Rockin’ Rebel defeated Donn E. Allen.
– Public Enemy defeated Silver Jet and Gino Caruso.
– Malia Hosaka defeated Molly McShane.
– Badd Company (Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka) defeated Ian & Axl Rotten.
– The Sandman defeated The Metal Maniac.
– Abdullah the Butcher, JT Smith & Terry Funk defeated Jimmy Snuka, Kevin Sullivan & Don Muraco.
– Sabu defeated The Tazmaniac.
– Tony Stetson & Johnny Hot Body defeated Badd Company to retain the ECW Tag Team Title. Stetson & Hot Body had been awarded the belts earlier in the evening due to former champions Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot (Doug Gilbert) leaving the company.
– Rockin’ Rebel defeated Richard Michaels.
– Kevin Sullivan vs. Abdullah the Butcher ended in a double DQ.
– Terry Funk defeated Jimmy Snuka in a steel cage match to win the ECW Television Title.

1993 – CMLL holds their 60th anniversary show at Arena Mexico in Mexico City, drawing 18,000 fans for a show headlined by Negro Casas defeating La Fiera in a Hair vs. Hair match, and Atlantis defeating Mano Negra in a Mask vs. Mask match.

1995 – Jim Neidhart defeats Corporal Punishment in Maryland for the MEWF Heavyweight Title. On the same card, Chad Austin defeats Raven for the MEWF Mid-Atlantic Title.

1998 – Scott Hall was arrested outside of the Diamond Mine, a strip club in Orange County, Florida, for “keying” a limousine outside the club. Hall was arrested on 3rd Degree Felony charges, as the damage to the limo was estimated at over two thousand dollars. Hall was released on $500 bond.

2000 – ECW holds their Anarchy Rulz Pay-per-view at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul, Minnesota, drawing over 4,500 fans for a show headlined by Jerry Lynn winning the ECW World Heavyweight Title from Justin Credible in front of his hometown fans. There was a dark match prior to the PPV, with Nova defeating Bilvis Wesley. Here is Tim Whitehead’s original report on the show:

ECW’s Anarchy Rulz (10/1 from the Roy Wilkens Center in St. Paul) was in many ways what we’ve come to expect from an ECW show. Namely, production values that are below those of the big two, but everyone working their butts off to give the fans a hot show. This one did indeed deliver, and it also gave the live fans what they wanted to see as Minnesota’s Jerry Lynn captured the ECW World Title. Commentary was solid. The crowd heat had its ups and downs, occasionally fading, including during the main event.

Joey Styles & Joel Gertner opened the show. Gertner did his usual lewd promo, though it was far less lewd than on recent PPVs. In fact, there was less use of the “F” word and other shock language than on any recent ECW PPV.

DANNY DORING & ROADKILL defeated CHRISTIAN YORK & JOEY MATTHEWS in 7:14. Matthews hit a spinning headscissors on Doring. York blocked a slingshot attempt and hit a legdrop. Both Matthews & York bailed out after being planted by Roadkill. They sidestepped a plancha from Doring and he bumped hard on the floor. Matthews & York hit topes and had Doring down in the ring after the Future Shock, but Roadkill made the save. Doring got in the wrong corner and was nearly pinned a few times until hot tagging to Roadkill. Doring came back in and pinned York after the double legdrop move. All four wrestlers shook hands afterward. It was a good opener. Doring & Roadkill are a very good team and Matthews & York were impressive in their PPV debut. Simon Diamond & Swinger went in and used a chair on Matthews & York, knocked Roadkill from the ring, and laid Doring out with the Problem Solver.

Cyrus came out and said “I’ve got pop” (a play on the highly ridiculed new TNN slogan). He called Joel Gertner a fat bitch and said that he wouldn’t fight Gertner until Gertner beat E.Z. Money (who had Chris Hamrick & Julio Dinero with him). Commissioner Spike Dudley arrived and ruled that Kid Kash would fight Money, and if Kash won, Cyrus would have to fight Gertner.

KID KASH defeated E.Z. MONEY in 9:40. A real good match with Kash looking fantastic. They opened with chops. Kash sent Money out and then slugged Hamrick & Dinero. Money slammed Kash and got a two count, but then missed a dive and sailed out onto Hamrick & Dinero. Kash hit a high double springboard somersault plancha. He scored two after a springboard lariat. Money scored two with the Money Clip. Kash hit a double springboard huracanrana and a Tornado DDT for a near fall. Money got two after the Electric Dream. Kash hit a somersault into a DDT, followed by the Money Maker but the ref was distracted. Dinero laid Kash out and Hamrick plastered him with the Confederate Crush but Money still only got two. Money went for a powerbomb off the top but Kash reversed it in mid-air into a huracanrana, which looked amazing, and scored the pin. Hamrick & Dinero attacked Kash afterward and Spike went in to help Kash. Money & his two allies were doing a three-on-two on Kash & Spike but Sandman went in (and he actually went straight in for once, rather than his seven minute entrance through the crowd drinking beer) and caned all three heels before pouring beer on Electra’s boobs. Sandman dragged Cyrus in for his match against Gertner.

JOEL GERTNER defeated CYRUS in 2:33. Gertner removed his shirt and had war paint on his chest like Kamala. He also kept slapping his belly like Kamala. Cyrus stomped and chopped Gertner until Sandman blew beer in his face and he was blinded long enough for Gertner to roll him up for the pin. Not good, but short and entertaining.

DA BALDIES defeated BALLS MAHONEY & CHILLY WILLY in 7:38. This was the usual brawl around the ring and through the crowd. DeVito began juicing early. He did a moonsault off a stage onto Balls. By ECW standards, the stage was low and in fact there were no insane dives from balconies on this show. They brawled into the ring where Balls hit DeVito with a sick chairshot. Angel then used the staple gun on Balls’ eye and he juiced a gusher. That’s kind of silly to sell the idea that he fired a staple gun into the eye, since by definition that would permanently blind someone, and Balls ain’t gonna be permanently blinded. Da Baldies then plastered Balls & Chilly with three hard chairshots apiece and scored a double pin.

Lou E. Dangerously attacked Gertner and laid him out. Cyrus took his place and did color commentary for the rest of the show.

STEVE CORINO beat C.W. ANDERSON in 12:45 in a match to determine the #1 contender to the World Title. Dawn Marie was at ringside, looking hot. They traded some fast spots and chops. Anderson hit a great superkick. Corino hit Anderson with a chair and he then fell and hit another chair. Anderson juiced. They brawled out to the floor where Corino took a killer chairshot and also juiced. Corino sold a shoulder injury and Anderson began working on that shoulder. Anderson scored several twos, including one after blocking the Old School Explosion. Corino started a comeback. Diamond & Swinger attacked Jack Victory and they brawled to the back. But Corino still hit the Old School Explosion and got the pin to win a good match.

THE FBI defeated YOSHIHIRO TAJIRI & MIKEY WHIPWRECK to retain the ECW World Tag Titles in 8:37. Mikey set a demonology book on fire during the pre-match promo. They started out brawling and the FBI accidentally lariated one another. Tajiri was kicking the hell out of both FBI members. He hooked the Tarantula hold on Guido. Mikey guillotine legdropped Tony Mamaluke. Mamaluke got hung upside down and Sinister Minister threw fire on his crotch. I’ve never seen that one before. Guido juiced, but came back and scored two on Mikey with the Sicilian Slice. Tajiri hit a great handspring elbow. They began trading two counts as all four were brawling. Tajiri blew the mist in Guido’s eyes and Mikey hit the Whippersnapper but Big Sal stopped the count. Sal squashed Minister. Tajiri hit an Asai moonsault on Sal, but both Italians double slammed Mikey and got the three count. Not as good as their match on TNN a few weeks ago, but real good nonetheless.

RHINO beat ROB VAN DAM in 12:46 to retain the TV Title. They immediately went to the floor and into the crowd. Van Dam hit the Van Daminator on Rhino while he straddled a rail. Van Dam hit a somersault plancha. Van Dam laid in the kicks and had Rhino reeling. Rhino lariated Van Dam as he came out of a flip. Rhino gored Van Dam. Van Dam went for another Van Daminator but Rhino dodged it and used the chair on Van Dam. Van Dam hit a moonsault and frog splash but only scored two. The commentators sold it big that Rhino kicked out after the frog splash but the live crowd didn’t react. Rhino gored Van Dam again and piledrived him off the apron through a table. Bill Alfonso hit Rhino with a chair but he no sold it. Van Dam recovered and went for the Van Terminator but Rhino moved and Alfonso took the blow after Justin Credible interfered and delayed Van Dam’s dive. The ref went out to try and force Credible to leave. Meanwhile, Rhino gored Van Dam through a table and piledrived him on a chair, getting a fast three count from heel ref Danny Daniels, who ran in. Alfonso stayed down for a long time to sell the Van Terminator, but was okay backstage other than a swollen hand. The match was good, as it’s best to keep Van Dam’s matches under 15:00

JERRY LYNN defeated JUSTIN CREDIBLE in 19:34 to capture the ECW World Title. There was a huge pop for Lynn. Lynn foiled Credible on some mat moves, and Credible left the ring briefly. They traded a long series of chops. Each blocked the other’s signature piledriver. Lynn bulldogged Credible for a quick two. Credible took a big bump over but sidestepped when Lynn went for a plancha and Lynn hit the rail. It looked like it legit hurt his elbow. Back in the ring, Credible scored some twos after spots where he dropped Lynn on chairs. They brawled to the back around the entranceway set. Again returning to the ring, they began trading twos but the heat died after the crowd went off on a tangent wanting Francine to show her boobs. Credible got on the mic and tried to get the crowd back into it by running down the Twin Cities. Lynn scored a near pin with the Minnesota Jam. Lynn was about to put Credible through a table but Francine interfered and Lynn went crashing through. Lynn scored two with a cradle piledriver, which started the heat rising again. Credible then got two with That’s Incredible, evening the piledriver score. Credible accidentally laid out referee H.C. Loc with a superkick. Danny Daniels went in again as heel ref, refusing to count a Lynn pin attempt. Lynn was about to piledrive Daniels but Francine caned him. Daniels then began fast counting on Credible’s pin attempts, but Lynn still kicked out at two. Lynn went for another cradle piledriver on Credible but Daniels caned him. Credible then hit That’s Incredible again and went for the pin. There looked to be a timing problem here as Daniels had to hold up on his count waiting for New Jack to arrive, which he did. New Jack destroyed Daniels until Credible caned him. Lynn went after Credible and they reversed piledriver attempt before Lynn finally hit the cradle piledriver as Loc revived to count the pin. Overall a good match. The crowd popped big for the Lynn victory.

2002 – During a Smackdown taping in Lafayette, Louisiana, Matt Hardy pins the Undertaker in a Falls Count Anywhere match when Brock Lesnar interfered and gave Undertaker an F5 backstage on the cement floor.

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