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Officials reportedly upset with Star for going off script during recent segment

Big Cass Daniel Bryan

While it’s well known that Vince McMahon likes pushing big guys and he is high on Big Cass, it appears that his recent action may be forcing the company to rethink their plans for the 7 footer.

According to Pro Wrestling Sheet, Big Cass went off script during a segment on SmackDown Live earlier this month and officials are upset with him due to it.

The segment in question took place on the May 1st episode of SmackDown Live where Cass beat up a little man dressed as his Backlash opponent Daniel Bryan.

It was planned to end after the 7 Foot star delivered a big boot to the impersonator but the former NXT Star asked if he can carry the attack forward with a beatdown.

When his idea was shot down by creatives, he went all the way up to Vince McMahon who also agreed with the writers only and instructed Cass to do as planned.

However, Big Cass went off script during the end of the segment and carried his attack on the little man after hitting the big boot. The video of this segment WWE posted on their channel can be seen as a proof of the report as it ends right after Cass hits the boot:

Since this segment took place, Big Cass has lost to Daniel Bryan at Backlash via tap out and he didn’t appear on this week’s episode of the Blue Branded Show.

Now the question is if Big Cass’ rumored push has already been derailed due to this segment?

  • Whistling Joe

    Cass has Edge face and it freaks me out.

  • CC

    When you are a big established star you can get away with stuff like that. When you are still getting established, you do as you are told. Too many talent have found themselves buried because Vince does not take well to people doing their own thing or messing something up.
    RIP Big Cass, buried 7ft under … and you can’t teach that.

  • EVH

    Test 2.0

  • oppa

    Big Cass has heat because he’s Big Cass. But he has improved on the mic and I’m more interested in him than I thought I would be.

  • Soulshroude

    Not many care about Big Cass… news at the 11th hour.