Oh Bilal: Empty Elimination Chamber?

Now a 40 man over the top rope Royal Rumble (vs the 30 man standard) is one thing, but having two star-studded Elimination Chamber title matches may not be so easy. In past years WWE has gotten around this problem but only booking a Intercontinental, United States and Woman‘s (now Diva‘s) championship match. So lets skip ahead to the future and see what the card might look like.




1. Alberto Del Rio wins the Royal Rumble: My theory is no one has appeared on RAW and Smackdown as more in the past few months. Add that with a strong RAW roster along with Dolph Ziggler becoming the lame duck challenger for Edges World Heavyweight Championship and Del Rio is my pick hands down.

2. Injuries: I don’t expect The Undertaker, Kane, HHH, Christian and Evan Bourne to be part of the card. Taker‘s still not 100% and is due for another streak match if healthy come Wrestle Mania. Kane might just have a Rumble cameo followed by a month off before the biggest show of the year. HHH seems to be more focused on the creative end. Christian is far from healthy. As for Bourne he could be healthy but doesn’t factor in to any Elimination Chamber.

Projected Card:

Diva’s Championship: Melina vs Natalya

Intercontinental Championship: Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston


I am not putting a US championship match here for a few reasons:
1. Daniel Bryan will add to the RAW Elimination Chamber.
2. Del Rio needs a match.
3. Del Rio feud with RAW superstar would be entertaining.

Alberto Del Rio vs John Morrison

RAW Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship:
The Miz vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs John Cena

Smackdown Elimination Chamber for the World Heavyweight Championship:
Edge vs Big Show vs Wade Barrett vs Drew McIntyre vs Cody Rhodes vs *Chavo??!??! (joking)

*Here in lies the problem, the WWE roster is stretched far to thin. Leading to the following unfortunate alternatives.

Alternate Card Changes :

A) R-Truth is part of Smackdown‘s Chamber instead of Chavo.
B) Alberto Del Rio cashes in his title shot in the Chamber as the 6th entry for either brand, John Morrison replaces Chavo or Bryan allowing for a US title match.
C) In place of the Intercontinental Championship match: The WWE Tag Team Titles are defended against the Uso‘s, allowing Kofi or Swagger to enter the Smackdown Chamber.

For my money C seems the lesser of three evils.

Until next week your either Wrestling Edge or against us!

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