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Oh Bilal: John Cena to Smackdown Please

Despite his recent “firing,” John Cena is still feuding with Nexus which has stretched to the better half of the year. Even after he takes them out what’s next? Another feud with Randy Orton, well I hope not, we’ve seen several back to back PPV’s of them going head to head. What about the new WWE Champion The Miz? Maybe but Cena has already had a solid feud with him. Sheamus? Well no… been there done that.

The point is John Cena needs to head over to Smackdown to take on some new blood. The one exception would be a heel turn but WWE seems unwilling to do that. So you send fan favorite Cena to Friday night and who does he face? Well there’s evil mask-less Kane. Surely Cena’s had matches with Kane before, but is due for another showdown (and don’t call me Shirley…rest in peace, Leslie Nielson). Then you’ve got Drew McIntyre, a young superstar who made his debut on Smackdown under the pretense of ruthless aggression much like Cena. Of course there’s Alberto Del Rio who would make for a good rival for Cena. Granted he has faced Edge many times before, but not as recently as the RAW superstars I listed above. The Big Show has some history with Cena but mainly when he was vying for the US championship many years ago.

So Ideally you send Cena to Smackdown for Rey Mysterio, so both could face some new competition. In fairness to WWE the current plan is working and drawing discussion (such as this column). Though WWE far to often falls back on what they’ve done before. Keeping Cena on RAW, Undertaker on Smackdown, 1 counted out match almost every week on RAW or Smackdown. It would be nice to see WWE really change the landscape, last night during the King Of The Ring we saw several matches featuring RAW vs Smackdown for the first time. Frankly, that should of been the purpose of WWE Superstars, rather then dumping left over matches from RAW and Smackdown.

Until next week your either Wrestling Edge or against us!

  • Bilal

    Thanks for the comments guys.

  • pls bring john cena to smackdown

  • Scully

    lol With the way WWE is looking at things, by the time Cena retires he’ll be 40000 time world champion.

  • erik

    I mean cena has been main eventer for 5 years. He has won wwe and world title 9 times. I would say cena doesn’t need to win wwe or world title anymore cena accomplish alot can’t he retired already?