OJ Simpson ‘Confessed’ To Famous Woman

The Hollywood Reporter’s Judith Regan recalled when OJ Simpson almost confessed.



Regan recalled when they were in Miami to tape a four-hour, two-night TV special for Fox. Five cameras were set up around two closely placed chairs, and the entire crew was ready to go.

O.J. had second thoughts but still wanted to do the interview. He paced around a bit. Then he announced that he wanted to leave.

O.J.’s interview was the first time he had agreed to talk about the night of the murders on camera. Regan said: “People often ask me, how did you land O.J. in the first place? Simple. I answered the phone.”

Months before, a lawyer claiming to represent O.J. called out of the blue and said, “O.J. is ready to confess … under one condition.”

The lawyer told Regan that O.J. would agree to reveal his story in book form, but only if the book was titled If I Did It. That was O.J.’s one condition. There had to be an “If” in front of “I Did It.” Simpson would explain what he did, what happened, if he had done it. The “If” was a must, said the lawyer, so O.J. could have deniability with his children.

OJ Simpson, the former American football star, actor and notorious suspected double murderer recently died of cancer at 76, his family said in a statement.

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