OJ Simpson Drops Sad Donald Trump Bombshell

O.J. Simpson was quite open about his life recently and made some revelations about former U.S. President Donald Trump.



O.J. Simpson talks about Donald Trump

In his appearance on the Full Send Podcast, he might have surprised a lot of people with his story. Simpson said that he first met Trump while living in New York in the 1980s and got to know him better through their taste in women.

“[We were] around. Just around, you know, in New York. I lived in New York doing NFL Live and we kind of had the same tastes in ladies,” Simpson said with a laugh.

The host then asked “What was the taste at the time?” to which the former NFL running back boasted that he and Trump loved going after models and would even be wingmen for each other on occasion.

“C’mon now,” Simpson said back. “Models. Models. Because he knew, you know, Eileen Ford. I knew Eileen Ford. We found ourselves at those types of events.”

“So you and Trump are kind of like wingmen sometimes?” he was asked.

“Well, I would say we were,” Simpson replied.

It would certainly be interesting to see what the former President has to say about any potential association with O.J. Simpson – and the reason for their friendship.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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