Omos Got Top WWE Raw Star Fired?

WWE roster now has several stars including Omos who are as big or bigger in size as the former WWE star Braun Strowman. The Monster Among Men was one of the top stars who got released from the company yesterday due to the budget cuts.



His release came upon as a surprise and Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio shared his thoughts on that.

Omos caused Braun Strowman’s release?

Meltzer said that a few top guys have been able to get no cut contracts but Strowman had made the mistake of not getting one of those deals.

Thereby, WWE was able to cut him. Moreover, he was getting paid a huge amount which which got them more reason to cut. WWE NXT Sad ‘Mass Firing’ Rumor Leaks

Meltzer also noted how there are other wrestlers now on the roster that are as big or bigger than him.

He said:

“All of a sudden Braun Strowman at a legitimate 6 foot 6 when you got Omos, who is the new toy who is 7 foot 3…Braun Strowman’s big thing was that he had size and power and now they are going with a new giant. He can’t be the giant anymore when you got this guy who is legitimately 9 inches taller than him. Granted, Strowman’s got the big body and everything like that but you can only do the giant thing when you’re the giant of the company on the brand but he isn’t that guy anymore. Like with Big Show. If you remember with Big Show, when Strowman came, Big Show was obsolete. They put Big Show in there Strowman to get Strowman over because Big Show was a good enough worker and had pretty good matches with Strowman.

He continued:

“The problem is Omos is not as good as Strowman and Strowman is not close to as good as Big Show and so the big thing, under other circumstances, if they were gonna make this cut they would book Strowman in there with Omos and then have Omos beat him and they would cut Strowman. The problem is if you think about that…is because [the matches would] absolutely totally suck. They got big guys there, you can’t be the giant and he’s not versatile enough to be something but the giant monster. He had that big contract and basically, it was expressed to me that he was two years passed his peak and he was getting high salary and that was the issue with Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy.”

We will have to see what is next for Braun Strowman in the future.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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