One Count Kickout – Road to Wrestlemania

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We’re officially on the Road to Wrestlemania. WWE has kicked itself into high gear, for the most part, and begun planting the seeds of what will grow into your Wrestlemania 27 matches. We’ve seen the return of Kevin Nash, as Diesel, appearing in the Royal Rumble and signing a legends contract which should lead to video game placement, action figures, perhaps his involvement in the upcoming Best of Monday Nitro DVD set as well as a possible match here or there. Booker T has also returned and taken up a seat at the commentary table on Smackdown. We saw Alberto Del Rio win the Rumble, which has lead to mixed reviews as well as the Miz throwing Cena out of the Rumble plus Lawler and Cole’s little feud is building up some traction. It has been a busy week for WWE. Of course there is the promo that’s been sparking all sorts of chatter, the 2-21-11 promo.

On the topic of Alberto Del Rio, wrestling fans never cease to amaze me. On the one hand I see a lot of complaints about WWE’s failure to build new stars, but once they hand the Rumble to someone like Del Rio who could be built into a top heel, there are an assortment of complaints. People don’t like him, don’t think he can carry it or don’t want to see him in the spotlight. You have to at some point make up your minds folks, you want new stars or you don’t. They’re not all going to be homeruns but Del Rio has the opportunity to be a top heel champion. This guy gets heat, he knows how to turn it on and he knows how to make that crowd hate him. Its ironic in a sense that fans will say “I don’t want to see this guy as a champion, he’s boring, I hate him.. etc.” He’s a heel, its his job to make you not want to see him as a champion or anything else. However, you can’t deny his in ring ability and the possibilities of what he could become. Ease back a lets see how this develops, WWE may surprise you and turn him into something awesome. Don’t forget that Steve Austin was once the Ringmasters and the Rock was once Rocky Maivia. No, I’m not comparing Austin and the Rock to Del Rio, just making a point.

2-21-11 seems to be driving a lot of people up the wall. When it debuted on Raw, twitter lit up with talk about it being one of two possibly names: The Undertaker or Sting. Undertaker has been known to get promoted like this when his return is imminent, and there was some leaked information that showed he would indeed be returning on the 21st. However, there is also argument for it to be Sting, or really anyone else. Simply because the promo is a man in a long coat doesn’t necessarily mean this is either one of these men. I would say it is going to be a name that makes a splash though, that promo ran twice on Monday and they aren’t big on running promos like that these days.

To play devils advocate for a moment, lets say it is Sting. Obviously his name appearing in WWE would be a big big deal. With the rumored WCW flavored Hall of Fame coming up, as well as Wrestlemania taking place in Georgia, it would make a lot of sense. However, if it is Sting, I wouldn’t be looking at him to feud with the Undertaker like everyone thinks. If you had the opportunity to setup one of the biggest feuds tht people have been asking for for years would you really want to start is on February 21st and grant yourself so little time to drag it out before Wrestlemania? Plus, lets face it, Sting and ‘Taker aren’t exactly in the shape to carry a great match. HBK carry a lot for the Undertaker in the past two years and Sting, well, he isn’t the Sting of 1999 anymore. Don’t get your hopes up.

In the past few weeks we’ve seen little hints, and especially this past Monday, about the growing feud between the Miz and John Cena. Obviously this is going to be a Wrestlemania match, and though its likely, I certainly hope we don’t see Cena capturing the title once again. This feud could be amazing, both are good on the mic, both have the crowd’s attention. My only complaint thus far would be the way they’re building it. The Miz needs to get over on Cena, he needs to be screwing Cena over and making Cena mad. You want to make the fans want to see Cena ripping Miz apart, finally getting his hands on him. Sure the Miz threw Cena out of the Rumble, but the next night there is Cena getting under the Miz’s skin and costing him a match all the while laughing about it. Cena didn’t even seem that upset about getting tossed out of the Rumble. WWE needs to press the accelerator here, and maybe they will at Elimination Chamber, but right now this feud is colder than it could be.

The road to Wrestlemania is always a big deal, it is always the best time to be a fan of WWE. We could see a lot of fun, exciting things developing in the next few weeks. WWE has a tendency to turn up this heat during this stretch of time and make you remember why you’re a fan of wrestling in the first place. Wrestlemania is a time of excitement, surprises and shocks. This year is setting itself up to be one of those crazy times, and hopefully the E doesn’t drop the ball with it as they have been known to in the past. What surprise would you really want to see happen at this years Wrestlemania, what dream match would you put on the card if you had the option and who would you induct into the Hall of Fame this year? Welcome to the Road to Wrestlemania.

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