Oprah Tried To ‘Take Out’ Trump With Big Name

The forthcoming book “Romney: A Reckoning” by McKay Coppins has unveiled a surprising revelation involving Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) and media mogul Oprah Winfrey. According to the book, Romney recounted to the author that Winfrey, a prominent figure in the Democratic Party, suggested they join forces on a unity presidential ticket in 2020 with the goal of preventing the reelection of President Trump.



Coppins, who had extensive access to Romney’s diaries, journals, and several hours of interviews, disclosed that Winfrey’s proposal was centered on the idea of “saving the country.” However, Romney reportedly dismissed the suggestion, apprehensive that such a joint campaign might inadvertently benefit Trump.

While sources familiar with Winfrey’s thinking indicated that she never seriously considered a run for the presidency, some individuals close to her had reportedly urged her to consider the idea.

The context surrounding this revelation highlights Romney’s history in the political arena, including his previous run for president alongside Paul Ryan on the GOP ticket in 2012. Romney recently announced that he will not seek reelection for the Senate next year, signaling a significant shift in his political trajectory.

In another political development, a recent Axios report indicated that several House Republicans emerged from discussions with House GOP speaker nominee Jim Jordan, believing that he would permit a floor vote on the linkage of Ukraine funding with Israel funding if he secures the gavel. This move is significant given the ongoing push among certain hardline House Republicans to cease U.S. funding to Ukraine, although allowing a floor vote could potentially enable the continuation of funding with the support of Democrats.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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