Backstage news on original finish for Brock Lesnar-Roman Reigns cage match

Brock Lesnar’s win at Greatest Royal Rumble was not clean opposed to his victory at WrestleMania and it made people wonder if the company’s thoughts have changed about him in this time.



However, if some latest reports from Wrestling Observer are to be believed, then it wasn’t the case and the original plans for this cage match were different.

According to Observer, the original plan was for Brock’s feet to touch the floor first, which would have made the Beast the decisive winner in the Universal Championship match.

This also likely means that the company had planned for Brock to win this bout all along and reports of Officials considering a title switch during the event were false.

While the date for the next title defense of the Universal Champion is not known, the educated guess is that he will be defending his title again at Money In The Bank next month

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