Original plans for Brock Lesnar- Roman Reigns match at WrestleMania revealed

While WrestleMania 34 had many surprising moments, the biggest shocker of the night had to be the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar retaining his title.



During the latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about Lesnar’s surprise victory and revealed the original plans for the Championship bout which would have seen Roman Reigns winning.

According to him, most of the match worked out exactly as planned and only the ending was changed. The original ending would have seen Roman coming off the rope and Brock picking him up for the F5.

Then the Big Dog would have countered the F5 converting it into a spear for the win. This ending was obviously changed with the Beast delivering his finisher and ending the bout.

Additionally, it’s being reported that the ending was kept very secret and even Roman himself was not aware of it as he showed up in the arena for WrestleMania on Sunday.

While not confirmed, it’s believed that the change was made because everyone knew Roman Reigns would be booed out of the building if he won the title and the current belief is that he will now win the Universal Championship at the upcoming Greatest Royal Rumble event.

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