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Original plans for Dean Ambrose’s heel turn

Elias turned face on a recent episode of Raw by attacking the Acting General Manager Baron Corbin, but it appears that the original plans were for him to continue his tenure as a heel.

Wrestles Votes Twitter account which has broken some stories in the past recently revealed some interesting details on the original plans for Dean Ambrose’s heel turn.

According to them, the original idea was for Ambrose to turn heel by costing Seth Rollins his Intercontinental Championship during a match instead of attacking him.

And interestingly, the opponent of Rollins who was going to win the title was none other than Elias, meaning he would have remained a heel since Ambrose’s heel turn wasn’t planned for much later:

Things were of course shaken when Roman Reigns was forced to relinquish the Universal Championship and WWE decided to capitalize on the event by turning Ambrose heel much sooner than they originally intended.