Original Plans for Dolph vs. Mysterio Last Night, McMahon Flips Out Backstage

Partial source: PWInsider, F4Wonline



– According to sources close to the situation, WWE’s original plan was for Dolph Ziggler to defeat Rey Mysterio in the Intercontinental Championship bout. The exact motivation for the finish change, which reportedly occurred as late as Sunday afternoon, is unclear, but initial indications are that it was not a random case of WWE creative changing its mind.

– Numerous backstage sources confirmed that Vince McMahon was very upset with how Chris Jericho and The Big Show versus Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, the opening Night of Champions match, played out. The WWE Chairman was reportedly irate as he threw a fit backstage, emphasizing his opinion that the match failed in its job of getting the crowd hot for the rest of the show. McMahon was seen throwing down his headsets at the end of the match.

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