Original plans for Jinder Mahal’s return

Jinder Mahal returned to WWE in mid 2016 and after a stint with Rusev and a shift to SmackDown Live, he went on to become the WWE Champion in May 2017.



However, it appears that the original idea for his comeback was different and the company intended to use him as a self-appointed authority figure.

Ryan Satin of the Pro Wrestling Sheet recently revealed on Twitter that the original idea for Mahal was for him to act as a self-appointed Authority figure, known as ‘The Mahal Monitor’:


One can only imagine how Mahal’s return would have turned out if these plans would have been executed and if he would have become the WWE Champion afterward.

Jinder Mahal won a match via count-out against Braun Strowman on this week’s episode of Raw but there is no word yet on if the company has any plans for him for SummerSlam.

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