The Original Sin Cara Says He Owns the Character, Talks About His Future, WWE and More



– The original Sin Cara recently appeared on Tercera Caida in Mexico. He was asked why WWE has a new Sin Cara wrestled and said he wasn’t sure why but he was still under contract to WWE when they started using Hunico under the mask. Cara says he owns the Sin Cara character and said his lawyers may be looking into it.

Cara said he doesn’t have anything against Hunico, Alberto Del Rio or anyone in WWE. He also said that WWE told him he couldn’t wrestle the way he did in Mexico and admitted psychologically that had an effect his work since he was limited to what he could do in the ring. He never understood why they brought him from Mexico knowing the style of wrestling he did but then told him he couldn’t do it there.

Cara says this led to him not working as hard and gaining weight but he’s now focused and looking forward to wrestling in Mexico.

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