Orlando Jordan’s Reputation For ‘Unusual Behavior’, Update On “Black Machismo”, More

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— TNA newcomer Orlando Jordan had a reputation for developing a big head and exhibiting some unusual behavior during the final months of his tenure in World Wrestling Entertainment four years ago. Jordan was fired from the company on May 26, 2006 because he had been traveling with someone not authorized by the company.

Before his untimely release from the organization, there were creative plans for Jordan to be repackaged with a bisexual gimmick in a storyline that would have involved former TNA performer Stephanie Finochio (a/k/a Trinity) and a friend of his with no prior background in the wrestling industry. While bisexuality is considered taboo in some wrestling circles, it was passed for Jordan since it is his lifestyle in the real world. It should be noted that the storyline was Jordan’s idea because creative team had no plans for him at the time.

Shortly after his departure from the organization, Jordan became embroiled in a bit of controversy online as he had uploaded photos of himself embracing two young males on his MySpace account. Furthermore, Jordan also uploaded nude photographs of himself to an account on the photo sharing website Photobucket.com. The images were discovered because Jordan also stored wrestling photos of himself on the account for his MySpace page.

That said, there were said to be no issues with Jordan backstage at the live Monday Night iMPACT! on Jan. 4.

— BG James was back working as an agent this past week at television as he was filling in for Scott D’Amore. The word backstage is that D’Amore was unable to attend this week’s tapings due to shoulder surgery. James was called in as a replacement, though he only worked Monday. D’Amore is the primary agent in charge of the Knockouts division.

— The storyline of Jay Lethal losing to wrestling stars of yesteryear was supposed to lead to the young grappler dropping the “Black Machismo” persona. At this time, however, Lethal remains situated in a state of limbo as there’s no telling whether the angle will be continued now that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are in charge.

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