Oscar de la Hoya Drops Jennifer Lopez Bombshell

Oscar De La Hoya is very blunt and honest about what he likes and what he doesn’t like. Oscar really has no issue on when saying when he thinks a woman is attractive and he’s going to let it be known. In a recent interview, Oscar De La Hoya spoke about how Jennifer Lopez caught him so off guard at a fight that it completely ruined the fight for him resulting in a huge loss. Oscar de la Hoya ‘Embarrassing’ Dating Rumor Leaks.



Jeremy Piven recently sat down with Oscar De La Hoya to discuss what seemed to be his entire life and career as the video really dived into many topics that Oscar De La Hoya has been through. The video description does a great job in telling us what we are in for as it says: “After his devastating loss to Manny Pacquiao over a decade ago, Oscar De La Hoya went into a dark depression. Addicted to booze, drugs, and women, his absence from the ring created a darkness that nearly defeated the all-time great. But Oscar refuses to let his fall from grace define him and he’s planning an epic comeback to the spotlight. In this supremely unfiltered interview, Oscar leaves it all on the canvas.”

With such a dark tell all, you would imagine that there were no instances of fun and humor. Thankfully, there is brevity from all of the bad that had happened to Oscar De La Hoya as he spoke about being present and in the moment. This practice is one that Oscar has held to his heart for many years as he began the journey of staying present during a fight with Shane Mosley.

The fight between Mosley and De La Hoya was so big, that Oscar described it like being at ‘The Oscar Awards,’ as every star and director seemed to be there. De La Hoya describes how the fight was brutal, so he wanted to take a look out into the crowd to see who was all there and to take his mind off of it all.

Oscar De La Hoya stated: “I look to my right and Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez are wearing little short skirts and Jennifer Lopez crossed her legs and I said ‘Oh sh**!’. I said ‘Oh sh**!’ and you can probably see that in the film. From right there and then the fight was over, bro. He kicked my a**. I was distracted. I couldn’t get back into the game of it.”

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