Oscar de la Hoya Girlfriend Leaks Bad Medical News

Oscar de la Hoya was recently in the hospital due to Covid. The illness attacked the star pretty quickly even though he was vaccinated. The virus hit so hard that it sent Oscar straight to the hospital in order to receive medical attention. Since he was in the hospital, so much has changed around in his life and so much was rescheduled in order for him to recover. News is not getting out that the boxing legend is back home, but sadly, his girlfriend now is infected with the illness as it was passed on from Oscar. Jake Paul ‘Accident’ At Gym Video Revealed.



Holly Sonders is one strong woman. She recently tested positive for Covid, but she recently stated that she is still making it her driving force to take care of Oscar de la Hoya at home as he just got back to their house after a hospital stay.

Holly Sonders said on Instagram, “So I tested positive last Thursday, and my symptoms have not been as bad as Oscar’s, he was actually in the hospital. My symptoms have not been as bad, it just feels like I have a cold or the flu, so I’ve actually been able to take care of him at home.”

We hope for the best for these two.

Dustin Schumacher
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