Oscar de la Hoya Humiliated At Gym In Sad Video

Former pro boxer Oscar De La Hoya recenly caught the attention of the fans on social media with a viral video. De La Hoya, who was bare-bodied, was seen doing some shadow boxing, exposing his jacked and vigorous physique. The ‘Golden Boy’ was seen carrying some envious and hard abs, even at age 49. Following his fight against Manny Pacquiao in 2008, he retired from professional boxing. Although De La Hoya flexed in this recent video, some fans could not help but trace something irregular about his current physique.



De La Hoya displayed ripped eight-pack abs on his body. In addition, he compared them to a packet of King’s Hawaiian Savory Butter Rolls. Despite Oscar’s enthusiasm, fans felt there was something wrong since De La Hoya did not look that ripped during his prime.

“2023 is about peace and freedom. Changes in life are not easy when you decide you wanna better yourself. I’m getting ahead and working out my mind body and soul starting NOW!!! FYI I had to run to the restroom after my workout because I ate 9 TAMALES”

It was nonetheless hard for fans to believe that Oscar De La Hoya had suddenly occupied a ripped physique. The comments poured in. A user said “He may be on them roids too. At his age, his abs would not look like that even if he trained.”

Similarly, one strengthened the statement by saying, “In his prime, he didn’t look like that. HGH!”

“In his prime, his abs ain’t look like that…he is breathing and his abs are looking and staying the exact same way…something definitely look of here,” added another fan by saying.

Bishal Roy
Bishal Roy
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