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PAC vs Adam Page Double or Nothing match cancelled

Adam Page PAC Double or Nothing AEW

Adam Page made a surprise appearance at a Wrestle Gate Pro event yesterday, answering an open challenge from his AEW Double or Nothing opponent, Open the Dream Gate Champion PAC. Page would be awarded the win via DQ, and PAC took him down with a chair in a post-match beatdown.

Afterward, PAC exclaimed that he wouldn’t be showing up at Double or Nothing next week. At first, it seemed like the two men were simply hyping up their upcoming bout. However, it was later revealed that the match was indeed canceled. Page will still wrestle at the event, though his opponent has yet to be determined.

According to theĀ Wrestling Observer, there were creative differences between All Elite Wrestling, Dragon Gate, and PAC. Reportedly, PAC refuses to take any losses while holding the Open the Dream Gate Championship and believed that a loss to Page at Double or Nothing would harm the prestige of the title.

AEW didn’t have an issue with Page losing, but Dave Meltzer claimed that if PAC did win, the next logical opponent for him would be Kenny Omega, and they didn’t want to see the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion lose that early.

  • Soulshroude

    Thanks for that.

  • Eighth Sin

    Yeah. Thats what I said. The person above me said “its not a work” I replied, “No, its a work.”

  • Soulshroude

    Your reply confirmed it’s a work.

  • Eighth Sin

    No, its a work. The truth is he has Visa issues. He missed an appearance last month due to this. And now hes missing this. But rather than it be labeled as this, they do a work where he says he doesnt need to come there as hes already beaten up Page. Meltzers just helping to cover for his buddies.

  • Mike the Ike

    And this is just one of the reasons you don’t allow wrestlers to work with different promotions. You can look at NXT UK for another reason. You have Hitchman as part of the Hunt as a heel while Flash Morgan Webster is a face meanwhile in the UK inides, the two of them team together as the 198.

  • David Klein

    its not a work.

  • CC

    Its a work, no two ways about it.
    He is not done with AEW.

    If there is any truth to this being down to him not wanting to take a loss while he is holding the title of another company, that reflects badly on him, especially as he left WWE because he was upset about losing the CW title to Enzo. While some may see it as being respectful of the Dragongate title, it really does come across as him being a bit of a douche as this match was announced all the way back in January so he should honour his commitments.