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Paige & Alberto El Patron reportedly break up

Alberto Del Rio paige

According to SEScoops, Alberto El Patron and Paige have broken up. The couple was on a vacation in Orlando when there apparently was an argument that resulted in El Patron calling the relationship off. El Patron and Paige have been dating on and off again for the past year and were engaged last October.

Paige still remains on hiatus from WWE while recovering from a neck surgery. She has resumed training, yet there remains no timetable for her return to WWE. Alberto El Patron will be wrestling next Sunday at Slammiversary against Bobby Lashley in a title unification match. El Patron will defend the Global Force Heavyweight Championship and Lashley will defend the Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

El Patron and Paige uploaded photos while in Orlando hours before the reported breakup occurred.

  • CC

    How have they been in an on/off relationship?
    Prior to this story, they have been an item since they got together.
    That said, we have seen stories saying they were married, then stories after that claiming they were still engaged.
    So whatever I read about them, I take with a pinch of salt as the dirt sheets seem to constantly contradict themselves.

  • Killswitch


  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Do you see the look of shock on my face…?

  • Will Henderson

    i’m not buying this to be true at this time, they either broke up temporary due to a fight only to get back together or they never broke up at all or they did broke up but are keeping quiet.

    i’m going with broke up while fighting only to get back together as that’s what happens in these kinds of relationships where it’s always toxic.

  • oppa


  • D2K

    These two together are a flaming train-wreck waiting to happen. Now assuming they don’t get back together (which they probably will) they are just back to being regular individual train-wrecks.

  • ROB-1.

    It’s about time.