Paige Cryptic WWE Return Photo Revealed

The pro wrestling world is a dangerous business as pro wrestlers put their bodies on the line every week in order to entertain their fans. Their bodies go through a lot of wear and tear over the years and it is no shock if a pro wrestler gets injured at any moment during a match. This happened to several WWE Superstars as well, many of whom had to end their careers permanently. Paige also leaked a mugshot photo to WWE fans earlier in the year. 



Paige recently posted a very interesting photo on Twitter that featured a movie poster for Fighting With My Family, the movie The Rock’s Seven Bucks Productions did about the beginning of her WWE career. She also included the Divas Title hanging on her wall. What really captured attention was the pair of boots she included in the bottom of the frame.

Paige also previously spoke to Mark Andrews on My Love Letter to Wrestling, where she talked about making a return to the squared circle. Paige revealed that if she does get cleared for a return to a WWE ring, she will be terrified.

“And even if I was able to come back, it’s always that mental block now because I thought I was good to come back the first time I had neck surgery and I was like confident, I was still doing the same things I did prior even though I probably shouldn’t have been doing that, you know, like wrestling move-wise and then to come back again, I would be completely terrified. Like in my head, I’m terrified to come back. Even if my heart is saying, ‘Yes! I would love to.’ It’s like getting over that mental block of ever being able to step back in the ring again.“

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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