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Is Paige a Donald Trump supporter?

Paige recently posted a picture on her Twitter account with Alberto El Patron to show that she was gifted a copy of AJ Lee’s new book by Lee herself. In the background of the picture, however, you can see a calendar on the door with President Of The United States, Donald Trump featured front and center:

Paige took to Twitter again to clarify that the calendar is actually a Out Of Office Countdown calendar to silence rumors that she is a Trump supporter:

  • Solid

    That’d make W-E great again. 😛

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  • pitfallharry219

    We need a countdown calendar for his removal.

  • D2K

    Click-bait quota

  • D2K

    It’s time for Mike Diaz to be removed.


  • CC

    To be fair, considering where Del Rio is from and Trumps anti-Mexican manifesto, it would be news worthy if she was a Trump supporter.

  • Does it matter if she is a Trump supporter or not? Did not know this was a political website. smh

  • Darrin Tyler

    xD I didnt know they had a calendar thing like that. That’s funny X]

  • Aaron

    Slow news day?