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Paige is no longer the SmackDown General Manager

Shane McMahon addressed the SmackDown locker room before the action started on this week’s episode of the blue show. McMahon talked about the New Era starting off in the WWE and motivated the SmackDown locker-room to up their games.

Then McMahon called up Paige on the backstage set-up and called her the “former” General Manager of SmackDown LIVE, confirming that she’s no longer the GM for SmackDown LIVE. However, Shane McMahon thoroughly expressed his gratitude towards Paige and her services as the GM.

McMahon also made it clear that Paige isn’t going anywhere but her role has changed. Paige then received a “Thank You Paige” chant from the locker-room.

  • I’m not sure how this went so far off the rails, but the main reasons I don’t want to see her are her attitude and personality. I have no problem whatsoever with how she looks, although knowing she’s had more sausage than a factory makes her disgusting to me.

  • Dirt McGirt

    I don’t have any double standard and am not against dressing fashionably, unless your definition of fashion is ripped jeans. My point is sexualization. Paige’s bra does more work than she does on the show, and that’s unbecoming of management. She could wear whatever she wants as a manager as long as her pants didn’t have holes in them and her breasts weren’t falling out.

  • CC

    When has she been “shirtless”?
    You said she does not dress like a manager. Foley dressed like a tramp. Bryan dressed like a grungy hippy. None of this sounds like manager material to me, yet you seem to be hung up on a female wearing fashionable clothes because you are obviously a double standards prude, gotcha.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Are they on screen shirtless? Or wearing pants so tight you can see their bulge? No.

  • CC

    Does not dress appropriately for someone who was supposed to be management?
    Neither does Shane, and neither did Daniel Bryan or Mick Foley … but I guess that is ok because they are dudes.

    This is not “corporate” management for godsake, its wrestling.
    Hell, when did Eric Bischoff ever wear anything that made him look like a guy in management with his jeans and leather jackets all the time?

  • The Random Reader

    I agree, both Paige and Stephanie sucks, it’s good to see Shane McMahon back

  • Dirt McGirt

    She does suck, does not dress appropriately for someone who is supposed to be management, and has gotten very lazy since she had to stop wrestling. By her own admission, she is up over 150lbs now. There are three types of women who can weigh over 150lbs: women over 6 feet tall, pregnant women, and female power lifters. Paige is none of these.

  • Better than Stephanie isn’t a good thing, and she wasn’t that much better. Not to mention, she’s awful.

  • rob

    Lol, another “New Era” they said the same thing a few years ago with their “Reality era” and it was the same crap after that anouncement, how the wrestlers can up their game if the people in charge make the bad decisions

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I don’t know what you’ve been watching but Paige is pretty solid actually compared to the sheer boredom of Stephanie on Raw (or any brand for that matter)

  • Mftom

    Actually he did not say former general manager what so ever. He said formal general manager !!
    Go back and listen again and you will here him say formal.

  • The Random Reader

    Good she sucks, Shane Mcmahon is the better GM of Smackdown

  • Hopefully her new role is behind the scenes, she’s terrible.

  • Mike the Ike

    And nothing of value was lost.