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Paige speaks about sex tape ordeal, failing drug tests and how Edge helped her with retirement

Speaking to the UK’s Daily Star newspaper, WWE SmackDown LIVE GM Paige has spoken about overcoming a difficult 2017 after announcing her wrestling retirement earlier this year.

The 26-year-old, prior to her career ending injury, had also failed a WWE drug test and been subject to a very public sex tape leak.

Paige was understandably left scarred, suffering stress-induced anorexia and also having suicidal thoughts.

Ahead of the new documentary about her set to air on the WWE Network, Paige has said she wants people to “learn from her mistakes” and also revealed that Edge, who was also forced to retire early with injuries, helped her through the tough times.

“You hear a bunch of my stories, the year and a half I took out, just everything.”

“All the trouble I got myself into… I was just very open about everything.

“I was very open with the taped sex that unfortunately got leaked, and the [failing] of drug tests.

“I was just very open about everything because I want people to learn from my mistakes, you know?”

Paige spoke about wrestling being her passion and how she felt after that career-ending injury:

“I was at rock bottom for a year and a half – and the people who got me out of my rut were my fans.

“They were just like ‘I know you can get out of this, you’re stronger than what you feel right now, I know you can make a comeback’.

“It just inspired me like ‘you’re right, why do I feel like I’m giving up right now?’.”

She also added that WWE Hall of Famer Edge played a key role in helping her with sudden retirement after he experienced the same thing, being forced to leave the squared circle due to spinal stenosis.

“He told me ‘I promise you after you make this retirement speech you will have so much weight off your shoulders and you will feel so much better’.”

  • Wicka Steve

    Five that we know of, wouldn’t be surprised if there were many more. More than one in your lifetime, short of the death of your spouse or divorce and remarrying, is too many. You want to talk about Rollins? I got no problem putting him on blast. Dude’s a man whore. There’s a big difference though between one pic or whatever it was with Rollins and literally dozens of pics and like ten videos with Paige.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Would you be saying the same if it was, say, Seth Rollins in the same position, though?
    I don’t remember him copping this much flack when his junk was all over the internet after he cheated on his wife.

    5 men in 3 years is like.. one every seven months. That’s really not that bad for someone who is young, just became famous, and is surrounded by objectively attractive people.

  • Predictable? Yes

    The answer, of course, is all the loads. They’re going to turn her into a Tokyo hotel: filled to capacity.

  • open wide and swollow my come

    Paige will go down the same road chyna went down eventually. Question is how many loads is she willing to swollow on camra to make some serious $$$COIN$$$

  • Wicka Steve

    Relations are about more than getting off, you don’t do it with anybody
    and everybody. This woman was with at least 5 different men in the span
    of three years, sometimes more than one at a time, none of whom were
    her husband. I’m not saying it’s okay to leak people’s stuff, but in
    2018 when everything is online and everything is hackable, you need to
    be smart enough not to record stuff you don’t want getting out. This
    woman is a sluuuuut.

  • Rinn13

    Still doesn’t speak very well for her intelligence of sense of judgement.

  • Keith Learmonth

    A lot of people do things in private that they don’t intend for the world to see.
    I see no flaw in Paige’s character for that.
    The flawed character is whoever stole and released privately made videos.

  • Soulshroude

    She didn’t deny it, nor appeal it. She basically shrugged the sh*t off.

  • Wicka Steve

    So what I gather from the interview, her problem wasn’t that she taped herself whoring herself around to the entire locker room, only that it got leaked. And that’s all you need to know about the character of this woman.

  • Soulshroude

    Oh, I’m sure Edge helped her as much as Xavier’s Wood.