Paige Truth About Plastic Surgery Leaks In Video

The pro wrestling world is a dangerous business as pro wrestlers put their bodies on the line every week to entertain their fans. Their bodies go through a lot of wear and tear over the years and it is no shock if a pro wrestler gets injured at any moment during a match. This happened to several WWE Superstars as well, many of whom had to end their careers permanently. Paige also leaked a mugshot photo to WWE fans earlier in the year.



Earlier this year, Paige took to social media and shared that come July 7th, she became officially be a free agent as her time with WWE ended  The World Association of Wrestling promotion announced that Paige is scheduled to appear at their October 15th show in Paige’s hometown of Norwich. Paige last appeared for WAW in 2011. She was in action in November of that year and teamed with her mother to take on Allison Danger and Alex Windsor.

Former WWE Star Paige debuted on AEW Dynamite, where she came out as her real name of Saraya to a huge pop from the crowd.

Saraya recently discussed the change in her appearance after sobriety while speaking to Chris Van Vliet,

This is what really frustrates me is people think I got these surgeries done. I got my boobs done, I got my lips done like 4 years, actually 5 years ago. And you have to get them dissolved. I haven’t had them done ever since.

I got a little botox to smooth out the wrinkles but it disappears after three months you guys, it doesn’t stay there, right? But people think I’ve had a full face… I’ve had a cheek implant and stuff, and I’m like, ‘I’m just gifted. I don’t know what to freaking tell you.’

I swear on everyone I are about, I did not have surgery on my face, I haven’t had it. I haven’t been under the knife. I haven’t had any filler in my cheeks. I haven’t had my nose done. Should I be flattered by this? Should I be offended by this? I don’t know.

My boyfriend is around me 24/7 and he knows that I’m not getting anything done to my face right? People don’t realize that once you get sober, all that water weight that you’re retaining like drops. You don’t have that in your face anymore. You get to see your bone structure a little bit more.

Transcription by Ringside News.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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